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The European Space Agency community


A community for discussing SpaceX.

Meme community is over at !spaceflightmemes.

Non-SpaceX news and discussion over at !spaceflight.



Mniej i bardziej luźne filmiki z moich obserwacji, projektów, wywiadów. Niekoniecznie na temat tylko pszczelo-owadzi. Icon


This magazine is aimed at fans and creators of sci-fi and related media of all kinds. It includes all content related to the sci-fi genre and only content related to the sci-fi genre. The goal is to build a community for everyone who enjoys science fiction and related topics. This includes the obvious books, movies, and TV shows, but also original writing, the discussion of writing SF, futuristic art and designs, and the science and technologies that inspire the sci-fi genre. Team Top 20

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Wpisy, które wydają sie interesujące. Tematyka różnorodna. Linki z podaniem źródła, nie jako reklamy.


Bez wulgaryzmów, ksenofobii, obrażania ludzi i postaw. Bez reklam.


Linki i ciekawostki na temat kina i filmów Icon


Put some fun between your legs PS. Chciałaby ktosia współmoderować? Icon


Magazine for the community Icon


What do you carry on a daily basis?


  1. Post a list of your items
  2. No Sales or marketing
  3. No Incivility
  4. No Politics
  5. No Inappropriate Content
  6. Do not ask why someone is carrying a gun or knife
  7. Do not give unasked for advice regarding firearms or knives, or ask why they aren’t carried.
  8. No URL shorteners (, tinyurl, etc)/Affiliate Links. Icon


Społeczność do postowania o poczynaniach partii, partyjek i ich ludzi. Icon


Magazyn naukowy. --- Magazyn zostanie w krótce przkazany społeczności.


Magazine dedicated to discussions about the kbin itself. Provide feedback, ask questions, suggest improvements, and engage in conversations related to the platform organization, policies, features, and community dynamics. ---- * Roadmap 2023 * m/kbinDevlog * m/kbinDesign


Magazyn do zamieszczania swoich form literackich, szczególnie tych krótkich. Icon



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Dobrym motywem byłoby, gdyby osoby wrzucające tu treści dawały w kwadratowych nawiasach gatunek, żeby łatwiej decydować się na kliknięcie :) Jak nie wiecie, możecie wejść na czy jakąś inną muzyczną “wikipedię” i zobaczyć co kto tam ktosiwo naskrobało o źródle dźwięków!


🇬🇧 Magazine where we follow what happens with Twitter under the new management as well as various successors (e.g., Bluesky, which, at the moment, seems to be a repetition from Twitter). 🇵🇱 Magazyn, gdzie śledzimy, co się dzieje z Twitterem pod nowymi rządami, a także o różnych rodzajach następców ( Bluesky, które na ten moment wydaje się być powtórką z Twittera). Icon


Domyślna społeczność do cwaniakowania i warsiawiaczenia.


Komitet Obrony Demokracji - Region Małopolskie. Naszym celem jest obrona demokratycznych wartości i instytucji państwa, a także rozwój społeczeństwa obywatelskiego. Icon


Magazyn polityczny --- Magazyn zostanie w krótce przkazany społeczności. Icon


I'm a group about bikes. Follow me to get all the group posts. Tag me to share with the group. Create other groups by searching for or tagging @yourGroupName Icon


One of the original, and currently largest, punk communities on Lemmy. The purpose of this place should be obvious from the title. Self promotion is ok, but spam is not, so keep it reasonable.

The goal is to help everyone find new tracks from around the world. Post new music, or your old favourites, but hopefully as you browse the group you’ll find something you haven’t heard before. Think more crate digging than top 40 streaming services.

Where possible please try to link to Bandcamp, so others can support the bands you love.

Browse by:


Some other places you might want to check out: Icon


Video game news oriented community. No NanoUFO is not a bot :)


  1. News oriented content (general reviews, previews or retrospectives allowed).
  2. Broad discussion posts (preferably not only about a specific game).
  3. No humor/memes etc…
  4. No affiliate links
  5. No advertising.
  6. No clickbait, editorialized, sensational titles. State the game in question in the title. No all caps.
  7. No self promotion.
  8. No duplicate posts, newer post will be deleted unless there is more discussion in one of the posts.
  9. No politics.


  1. No personal attacks.
  2. Obey instance rules.
  3. No low effort comments(one or two words, emoji etc…)
  4. Please use spoiler tags for spoilers.

My goal is just to have a community where people can go and see what new game news is out for the day and comment on it.

Other communities: gaming gaming pcgaming


Linki na tematy sportowe


Obowiązuje netykieta. Nie toleruje się siania nienawiścią do jakichkolwiek grup społecznych i etnicznych. Nie ma miejsca na ewidentne fejk niusy (fałszywe wiadomości) celowo wprowadzające w błąd (dezinformacja). Nie komentujemy polityki. Piszemy na temat.



lieratura Icon


Na każdy temat. Beletrystyka, poezja, sztuka. Przemyślenia, cytaty, recenzje.


Pretty much just a blog Icon


I'm a group about muzykametalowa. Follow me to get all the group posts. Tag me to share with the group. Create other groups by searching for or tagging @yourGroupName Icon

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Społeczność dotycząca naszej sąsiadki o pięknych tradycjach wolnościowych, która od kilku ładnych lat jest w stanie wojny. Aż dziw, że dopiero teraz powstaje tu taka społeczność :) Icon

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All kinds of art based on the Rimworld game


Turystyka, podróże i wszystko co pomiędzy


Hejko gracze i graczki! Icon


I'm a group about cycling. Follow me to get all the group posts. Tag me to share with the group. Create other groups by searching for or tagging @yourGroupName Icon




The 7th Guest, The 11th Hour, The 13th Doll, and also other Trilobyte games and spinoffs!

Mods4Ever FAQ here

Join our Discord here We also have Stream Detective set up in there if you want to elect to receive notifications of people playing these games on Twitch

Related Lemmy communities:


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I'm a group about gaming. Follow me to get all the group posts. Tag me to share with the group. Create other groups by searching for or tagging @yourGroupName Icon

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RimWorldPorn 18+

RimWorld colonies can look awesome, awful, impressive, dull, overwhelming, lame, stunning, boring, intriguing, uninteresting, legendary, whatever. If you have a render of a RimWorld colony, feel free to post it on Rimworld gallery! If you are in doubt about posting, please read below. Please note: screenshots are not hi-res & will be removed

Having trouble posting? To post a render please go directly to and read the rules and instructions there. Uploading on your federated server may fail due to file size limits


Watch the HOW-TO VIDEO
or read the instructions

All colonies are welcome here. If you are playing it and like it, so will we.

1. High resolution renders only
No screenshots, please use PR (Steam / GitHub) to make renders. Here's tips for the settings.
You may upload regular/additional images in the comments

2. Post the entire map
or as much as possible of the surrounding terrain. If surrounded by mountain and/or ice, modest cropping is allowed. Please keep the render square.

3. Use descriptive titles
Think colony/seed name, colonist count, biome, background info etc..
So not: 'I was told to post this here'. 'The others are probably better.' Or without any additional info: 'My current colony' 'My last colony'

4. Repost? After significant expansion
A new post of your expanded colony is welcome. To prevent spamming the feed, not too often.
If you've posted elsewhere or want to:
It is ·YOUR· colony, so if you want to (re)post it anywhere else, don't let anyone stop you!

5. Ships must be landed
Complete ships may be posted only when landed on a non icy tile. Instruction video

6. No plagiarism
If you share someone else's render, give the original builder credit.

7. Self promotion
RimWorld related self promotion is allowed, like for Twitch, YouTube etc; in the comments of a render relevant to your work, posted by you, once per colony.
· · · · Icon


For PC gaming news and discussion. PCGamingWiki


  1. Be Respectful.
  2. No Spam or Porn.
  3. No Advertising.
  4. No Memes.
  5. No Tech Support.
  6. No questions about buying/building computers.
  7. No game suggestions, friend requests, surveys, or begging.
  8. No Let’s Plays, streams, highlight reels/montages, random videos or shorts.
  9. No off-topic posts/comments.
  10. Use the original source, no clickbait titles, no duplicates. (Submissions should be from the original source if possible, unless from paywalled or non-english sources. If the title is clickbait or lacks context you may lightly edit the title.) Icon


Welcome to Retro Gaming on

The place to come to discuss and share your passion for older games.

Check out these communities for the latest platform specific news.


Main instance rules apply plus…

All posts must be about retro games or consoles

For the purposes of posting here retro is anything from the PlayStation 2/Xbox/GameCube generation and older. So anything pre-2005.

No piracy

Absolutely no discussion about piracy or where to obtain ROMS.

Discussing emulators and emulation is fine as it will be assumed you also legally own the games you’re emulating.

No NSFW content

While allows NSFW content this community is intended to be a place for all to feel welcome. Any NSFW content will be removed and the user banned.

If you have any comments or suggestions please message me. Icon


I'm a group about yourgroupname. Follow me to get all the group posts. Tag me to share with the group. Create other groups by searching for or tagging @yourGroupName Icon


A community for everything Nintendo. News, discussions, stories etc.

Rules:1. No NSFW content
2. No hate speech or personal attacks.
3. No ads / spamming / self-promotion / low effort posts / memes etc.
4. No linking to, or sharing information about, hacks, ROMs or any illegal content. And no piracy talk. (Linking to emulators, or general mention / discussion of emulation topics is fine.)
5. No console wars.
6. Be a decent human (or a bot, we don’t discriminate against bots… except in Point 7).
7. All bots must have mod permission prior to implementation and must follow instance-wide rules. For bot rules click here

Upcoming First Party Games (NA):Game—Detective Pikachu ReturnsSuper Mario Bros. WonderWarioWare: Move It!Super Mario RPGPokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC 2Another Code RecollectionMario vs Donkey KongPrincess Peach: ShowtimeLuigi’s Mansion 2 HDPaper Mario: The Thousand Year DoorMetroid Prime 4#### Other Gaming Communities

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