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ProMED issues ultimatum to striking moderators, as questions about site’s future persist (

The moderators, subject matter experts who are paid a nominal stipend for curating and contextualizing the numerous infectious diseases reports ProMED posts to its website and pumps out to its mailing list daily, have been on strike since early August....

Grając w naukę: o wykorzystaniu kart graficznych w fizyce i chemii (

Dzięki rozwijającym się technologiom i ogromnemu potencjałowi kart graficznych, naukowcy mają dzisiaj możliwość eksploracji i odkrywania rzeczy, które jeszcze kilkanaście lat temu wydawały się nieosiągalne. Karty graficzne stały się narzędziami, które pozwoliły przekroczyć granice wyobraźni, nie tylko w...

When RFK Jr. lies that he's "not antivaccine" (

Earlier this month, CNN host Kasie Hunt interviewed antivax presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Although she did better than most journalists confronting him for his past antivax statements in that she played a clip of one of his antivax statements, she clearly hadn’t anticipated his response, which should have been...

Why do we dream? Maybe to ensure we can literally 'see' the world upon awakening (

Dreams have fascinated people for millennia, yet we struggle to understand their purpose. Some theories suggest dreams help us deal with emotions, solve problems or manage hidden desired s. Others postulate that they clean up brain waste, make memories stronger or deduce the meaning of random brain activity. A more recent theory...

The definitive guide to BMI, and how much you should really pay attention to it (

The fact that these aren’t perfect correlations leaves plenty of room for outliers: body-builders with huge amounts of muscle who have a high BMI, despite very low body fat, say, or people with relatively low overall BMIs but a high proportion of fat. And it means that, at least in some studies, taking into account waist...

Another major US city is sinking, and this time it's due to 'underground climate change' (

"Underground climate change is a silent hazard. The ground is deforming as a result of temperature variations, and no existing civil structure or infrastructure is designed to withstand these variations," lead author Alessandro Rotta Loira, assistant professor at Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering, said in a...

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