Least buggy?

Guess journalists are forgetting how to grammar.


I feel bad for the teams that had to go into “double crunch” mode after BG3 came out. Just so they can get the game into not embarrassing shape for launch.


Or they could, you know, wait for it to be ready to release. How about they wait to announce it until the game is done, and then spend the last few months polishing it?


For anyone who may have forgotten or may not know: the game is a day 1 launch on game pass. I already have it preloaded and I didn’t preorder. You can easily see how buggy the game is for yourself next week.


Todd Howard should spend more time debugging and less paying for positive articles.


That’s not much of a brag. Just because the monsters in this game won’t mysteriously fly off into space only to reappear right behind you seconds later, doesn’t mean we should celebrate.


no, no, no

you see this is a space game, they are supposed to fly off into space in this one



It’s not a brag, period. Not having a buttload of bugs should be the bare minimum every game should strive for. It’s like saying “we sell the least rotten food in town”.

Its pretty sad that we’ve gone from “most epic adventure” and “largest open world you’ve seen” to “least buggiest game”

Nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed most Bethesda games and I have gamepass on pc and will definitely try the game.

stagen, avatar

Just love the pre-release reviews being all “this is shit” when the game hasn’t even released yet.


As in no giant bug beasts?

sirico, avatar

Pressing x


The author is basing this claim on feedback from FIVE people who have been playing the game. If Bethseda are only expecting a similar number to play it once it’s released, then this is a useful metric. Otherwise it’s meaningless.


The author also used the phrase “least buggiest” in the headline, I think we can guarantee there isn’t any actual journalism in the article


It’s basically nothing more than a badly written advert.


No worries about launching horses or trolls into orbit in a space game.


That title hurts my eyes!

Least buggy*




I have like zero hype for this game, and absolute bangers of games have dropped recently. I’m definitely going to put this on the “maybe” list and let other people test it out for me, I’m in no rush.


I still don’t really know what it is. Because it seems to have random generation so that makes me think it’s just going to be another no man’s sky.

The big problem with randomly generating a bazillion planets is they’re all boring. Random terrain generation will always result in dull terrain because an algorithm isn’t creative, it’s not even AI level aware, it’s just maths.


I’m excited for it because Bethesda. I’ve always put hundreds of hours into their games despite all the ranting and raving.

I’m definitely a bit worried for the same reason as you are though. I think those are likely filler exploration radiant quest type stuff. I’m cautiously hopeful that the story is good and long and deep enough to keep me playing though.

Plus come on… space and customer ship! :D


Yeah, I have thousands of hours in Bethesda games. Something about sneaking around murdering bandits, mutants, mythical beasts, heavily armored soldiers, etc. especially sniping them with a bow in Skyrim and watching everyone run around like “who shot Steve in the face!?”, that was just… chef’s kiss. That and finding something interesting around every corner, and just the visual aspect of it. It’s hard to explain but there is a certain Bethesda magic that no other game really captures. Plus the modding…


I mean is Bethesda and for what is seen there will main quest and so on… Yes there will be random generation for random planets or sections not designed for those quests, and for random quests like Skyrim random quests… But I wouldn’t say like No Man’s Sky, it should be rpg (at Bethesda way, not like Baldurs Gate of course) with a more defined story and so on, characters, etc. Of course I haven’t touched No Man’s Sky on years… So maybe they have something for that now?


It looks like they’re doing what star citizen does with terrain generation where they hand-make tiles of landforms like mountains/cliffs, hills, etc, then the procedural generation takes over and stitches them all together in ways that “make sense.” So it’s not 100% hand crafted, but it’s also not “strange landform” NMS type nonsense that is entirely made from maths so you only seem to get rounded features. From what I’ve seen the environments look absolutely stunning! As someone who plays NMS too I can say they look 100x better than NMS.


Don’t fall for the investor hype. Current AI aren’t even close to being intelligent or aware. As you said for algorithms, it’s just math, algebraic topology and graph theory to be precise.


Your daily reminder to not preorder. Least buggiest is not a high bar, TBH.

altima_neo, avatar

I’ll believe it when I see it.

I mean even Skyrim ran pretty nice, till you started playing it long enough to start finding the bugs and jank. Of course, it helped that it had all the familiar jank from the previous games.


No fatal accidents in this workplace in over 30 days!


What a sales pitch!

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