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Fascists, Racists, Transphobes, Terfs, Homophobes can fuck off.

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Damn…makes me want to take the time to pirate games I already bought and own…

And then write it in my will that those who inherit my few earthly possessions have to play through each of my games at least once in front of a lawyer in order to receive their inheritance. Lol, I kid, 😂…or am I 😈?

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Honestly, me neither. Lol.

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Then they boot up Spiritfarer and everybody sobs. Lol.

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Not much time to, but when I can steal away a few hours, I play Project Zomboid. Essentially the Sims meets The Walking Dead. No narrative, just looting and surviving. The learning curve is high, and death is inevitable no matter how skilled you may be. Amazing game.

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Roflmao, yeah, it should be more along the lines of the “Yet Another Fantasy” series. False advertising is what that is /s.

Like The Never Ending Story.

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I’m just waiting for my consciousness to be copied, uploaded, and enslaved for a hellish eternity. Like that one video game/tv show/movie/novel/short story that totally isn’t a warning of things to come /s.

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Yes. As much as I have loved this game from day 1 (yes, day 1), the lack of 3rd person option did irk me quite a bit.

Honestly I probably would have played 1st person the majority of the time, but the option to zoom out the camera and just watch my badass highly customizable character move around and interact with Night City would have been a very very nice addition to the game.

Ultimately, I think they just had to scrap to focus on other (probably less technically challenging) aspects of the game’s development.

The fact that they made an exception for this with the vehicles (now with combat as of version 2.0) points to the high probability they knew that 1st person throughout the entire game was probably gonna lose them some fanfare, so at least in the vehicles (especially the motorcycles), you can zoom out and see your customized V in all their glory.

z3rOR0ne, (edited )
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Android has tons of options. Libretube, Piped, etc.

Iphone you can use Brave, but I dislike visiting Youtube, so…




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