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Aerospace engineer working to make aircraft greener & safer.

He/him. 🇺🇲

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It would be more likely to be critically hit by an SUV or pick-up, just saying.

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The map is 64-bit.

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"Butt bots... Sorry. But bots have become..." (Read in Ze Frank voice)

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This Is a Religion for People

As opposed to a religion for droids?

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Setting aside the topic of generative AI, isn't it about time that Pokemon goes to the public domain?

It's been a long time since I read Lawrence Lessig, but I think we would undo Disney's mods to copyright laws and allow more cultural remixing after a reasonable time. Like maybe 20 years instead of a century?

swope, (edited )
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I wonder how many Primer viewers first learned about the film from this comic.

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