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Dune 2 Reviews Starting to Come Out and ... Yikes (

Once again, the biblical solemnity of Villeneuve's approach - along with the tactile brutalism of his design - have combined into a Timothée Chalamet movie that shimmers with the patina of an epic myth. And once again, the awesome spectacle that Villeneuve mines from all that scenery is betrayed by the smallness of the human...

inkican, to scifi

Feedback request - I'm into the 3rd draft of a short story - anyone want to give me feedback? DM me, please.


Molly was born in the 'Johnny Mnemonic' short story.

Dune: The History Of The Spacing Guild Navigators (

Many new concepts and ideas are introduced in the earliest chapters of the series, but a key part of the Dune universe is the Spacing Guild Navigators. In a universe that thrives on interstellar travel, this group holds a pretty important position. They don't usually take center stage, but their lore and history are as dense as...


Of course it wasn't written by ai, this isn't sports illustrated


@toasteecup owes chat GPT an apology


Oh yes, of course, my bad. The last MCU movie made so much money - don't know what I was talking about ...


I don't want to polarize or argue. My basic conclusion, having watched the quality of the storytelling decline AND the moviegoing populace check out is: People are over the MCU. Whether it's the Sony-based characters that are also tangentially connected to the MCU or otherwise.


it degrades the quality of the platform as a whole and encourages reactions which aren't based on the actual content.

As the guy who posts content 2-4 times a day because others don't, I would absolutely welcome this level of passion to posting new, appropriate, original content as opposed to complaining because the posted content doesn't meet your standard of quality.


A wonderful real-world example of Cunningham's Law - my pleasure.


And here I was, sad that I wasn't nominated

The 2023 Hugo Awards: A Report on Censorship and Exclusion (

What my colleague and co-author Jason Sanford and I are going to outline in this lengthy report will most certainly not be the final word on the extraordinary events and actions surrounding the 2023 Hugo Awards that were adjudicated and presented by the 81st World Science Fiction Convention held in the city of Chengdu in China...


I advised calm before, I am advising calm now.


I loved the space crater lego plate where you could build the space station and imagine you were on the moon

inkican, to scifi

Netflix Saves Star Trek: Prodigy From Cancellation (

Sci-fi fans of all ages were devastated when Paramount+ canceled Star Trek: Prodigy in the summer of 2023, but now the series is back with an unexpected new home. Netflix secured a deal to stream the show after it was dropped from Paramount+, with the chance to produce new episodes if it did well. According to a report by The...

Neal Stephenson’s Most Stunning Prediction (

Science fiction, when revisited years later, sometimes doesn’t come across as all that fictional. Speculative novels have an impressive track record at prophesying what innovations are to come, and how they might upend the world: H. G. Wells wrote about an atomic bomb decades before World War II, and Ray Bradbury’s 1953...

Star Trek: Section 31 starts production with Michelle Yeoh (

In Star Trek: Section 31, Yeoh will reprise her role as Emperor Philippa Georgiou – a character she played in Star Trek: Discovery’s first season – who joins a secret division of Starfleet. Tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets, she also must face the sins of her past....

inkican, to scifi

Community discussion time! How would the /m/scifi community like to be addressed?

SomethingAwful had Goons
4Chan had janitors

What do we call ourselves?

So far I have:

  • Mooks
  • Grunts
  • Carabiners (what I think of every time I hear 'Kbin')
  • Mob
  • Weirdos
  • Misfits
  • Nerds
  • Geeks
  • None of the above?

Feel free to recommend your own, or should we not worry about this at all?


@zcd Ooh!


@Jilanico adds to the list ...

inkican, to scifi

Quick offer to @johnshirley2024, @annaleen, @cstross, @ewdocparris and other established Scifi authors. I'd like to make this an exciting community for scifi fans of all ages - would you be interested in doing an AMA on /m/scifi?

Beyond the usual blah-blah-blah, AMAs on Reddit were powerful ways to connect fans with creators and I'd like to continue that tradition here. If you're interested, feel free to DM me over at and we can coordinate.

Best wishes,

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