What Everyone's Getting Wrong About The "Star Wars Hotel"

The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser was a groundbreaking experience, unmatched in its immersive storytelling and technology.

Misunderstanding led to the perception of the Starcruiser as just a hotel, while it offered a unique, interactive 48-hour movie-like adventure.

Despite its closure, the legacy of the Starcruiser lives on through the community it created, impacting lives in a profound way.

@wolfshadowheart@kbin.social avatar

Nah. People didn't get it wrong.

Just the fact that even PR people try to breakdown costs by extremely over-inflating costs and they still come up short! And that's not even including the fact that the hotel itself is not as good as the most premium Disney Resorts, but this one is more expensive?


The whole point of Jenny Nicholson's epic video was that it did NOT, in fact, offer a "unique, interactive 48-hour movie-like adventure."

That Screen Rant article was almost certainly planted by Disney PR. No actual employee who had to deal with all that bullshit would write something so sycophantic.

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