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Where the art 'zines at?

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If an APU counts, pretty much everything these days. The Steam Deck, even with its now "old" APU just keeps on steaming ahead!

Caveats: HD or lower. Sometimes at 30fps for big fancy AAA games.

What game do you recommend someone who likes the mechanics but not the setting of Baldur's Gate 3?

I saw people going on about how great BG3 is on this site, so I thought I’d check out a let’s play to see what all the fuss was about. I immediately fell in love with the graphics and the mechanics, such as the classes, races, spells, dice etc, but I disliked the emphasis on gore/horror in the game, and I know I wouldn’t...

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Divinity: Original Sin 2? I suppose it looks a little bit gorey too, but nowhere near that high definition. Definitely no squirmers...

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I'm thoroughly addicted to the demo, still. Was kinda hoping it was a tiny bit cheaper...

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"Build making" roguelites like Hades etc. These days I've been playing far too much Magicraft while trying to keep sane.

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Them and their buddy must get around...

(The game has a mechanic where you can gain candy needed to power up specific "buddy" pokémon from fitness tracker walking distance)

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It's the ol' "Valve can't count to three" meme

Saints Row Reboot is Awesome (files.catbox.moe)

I’m loving it. I’ve played the whole series for years and I think it’s fantastic. Like, I understand that it’s more PC than SR2 and some take issue with that, but I feel like the hatred towards it has become a bandwagon. I personally like that it took a more grounded but still progressive position in its storytelling. I...

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@Ab_intra I'm really sorry for doing this, but: I think the devs got Embraced a bit too hard...

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