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I’m a Streamer and Software Dev in Liverpool, UK.

Stop by if you fancy a chat or whatever, twitch.tv/psaldorn

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They’re infamous for fragility, or so I hear. Something to do with the pump/semi toggle ability?

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Genuine question: why does bedrock exist? What does it bring? Why is there the choice between java, bedrock and “Minecraft for windows”?

How do you fuck up this badly?

I tried using the launcher to move a java install from C: to another drive and it just points there and doesn’t do anything? Steam had this stuff figured years ago

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Thanks for the info + @kadu & @Opisek

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I accidentally bought Minecraft for windows for someone when I wanted java… so that was fun.

The launcher just says “here are the options” it doesn’t say why you might want to choose one over another. Ive played since day 0 so I’ve always gone with java.

Just felt like if bedrock was meant to replace java they should have just done it and dealt with it instead of having so many choices.

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Cutting the nacelles off enemy ships with the sweet dynamic mesh effect never gets old.

Take out all their weapons, propulsion. Just life support and warp core left.

Still not surrendering?

Oh well… torpedos, full spread!

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I haven’t played in a while, I found it’s usually about spreading their damage over your shields while trying to keep your damage concentrated on one of their shield zones, then targeting the shield generators.

If all else fails, try spinning, that’s a good trick

Psaldorn, (edited )
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I saw a bit of those on stream and thought maybe the time affected the quality of the result… but no. It’s just filler shit to get your space dragon speech spell or whatever. Then the enemies are all bullet sponges. It all seemed very transparent and very familiar.

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Jokes on them, I never finished a unity project.

Psaldorn, (edited )
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I enjoyed my play through but the story and environment seemed to want to tell a story the game itself didn’t.

I don’t know how to explain it, I wanted to have more of an impact than just choosing of an area goes red or blue

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