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Most debt actually can't be inherited, instead debt collectors get first dibs on inheritance assets until they're made whole or the estate runs out of assets, whichever comes first.

That doesn't mean that debt collectors won't try to convince family members to pay. Just tell them where they can shove it.

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It’s a tough pivot to make, but what else are fans of the genre gonna play hahahah

Sins of a Solar Empire 1

And hey, we get to hope Sins 2 remains great.

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My favorite city builder in decades. A few notes.


  • Easy mode is relaxing and quite easy.
  • Medium mode is a fun challenge at first, eventually becoming fairly chill as you advance in skill and confidence.
  • Hard mode is always fairly hard, especially on harder maps.
  • There are many resources to manage, but none that feel burdensome.
  • The game is extremely thematic, it feels alive with charm.
  • Graphics are excellent, though sometimes graphical glitches can still be encountered.
  • The water. It's so hard to explain to someone who hasn't encountered this system before, but water is life in this game, and it's both beautiful graphically, and extremely well simulated by physics. Learning to control the water, and see the shortest paths to end water scarcity with beaver engineering is an amazingly fun and unique aspect of the game.
  • Mods are well supported and the community is vibrant.


  • Not a ton of content. They've been very good about adding new mechanics (badwater, extract, etc) but there's still just 2 races of beaver and a dozen or so maps.
  • No directed experience. In similar games I've enjoyed a campaign, challenge maps/scenarios, weekly challenges, a deeper progression system, just... Something to optionally set your goals. There's nothing of the sort in the vanilla game. It's fully open ended and there's only one unlock outside of your progress though the resource tree in a map.

All in all, I highly recommend it, especially at the modest asking price. If you love city builders, charming and beautiful art, thematic settings, dynamic challenge, and solution engineering, this is a fantastic game for you.

Other games I've enjoyed that scratch similar itches:

  • KSP
  • Cities: Skylines (but Timberborn has been far more compelling)
  • Factorio
  • Mindustry
  • Planet Zoo (Timberborn has less of a directed experience, but is otherwise completely superior)
  • Gnomoria
  • Banished
  • Tropico series (though I view this as more casual)

Get it and have fun is my recommendation.

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Sin's is a game my friends and I always come back to. Such a dynamic rts with so many ways to win.

The expansions are fairly priced and also one person having an expansion is enough to host an expansion game for everyone who has any version installed.

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That's the neat part of the speed of light. It's the speed of light for every reference frame, no matter who is looking at you or from where.

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To actually reach the speed of light you'd be massless, so the only damage, would be from momentum transfer, at which point your particles would be reflected or absorbed like light.

But that aside, mostly I was referring to your statement:

'Speed of Light' compared to what?

Which is really not a concern. It's the speed of light for everyone with respect to everything, or it isn't the speed of light. Like, two beams of light going in opposite directions don't see the other light beam going at 2x the speed of light, just at the speed of light with lots of time dialation.

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The owner is a piece of shit who's convinced he's smarter than everyone else and has been hostile to Linux for decades.

Starfield design lead says players are "disconnected" from how games are actually made: "Don't fool yourself into thinking you know why it is the way it is" (www.gamesradar.com)

apparently this is in response to a few threads on Reddit flaming Starfield—in general, it’s been rather interesting to see Bethesda take what i can only describe as a “try to debate Starfield to popularity” approach with the game’s skeptics in the past month or two. not entirely sure it’s a winning strategy,...

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When some rando with a mod package plugging into an undocumented ABI can dramatically improve the performance... Yeah, it's not optimized at all. Don't let them excuse themselves from due diligence.

Warcraft 2 / Starcraft type games ( or clones, or engine recreations )

Im missing a lot of charm that w2 and first starcraft games had, and i did not see any open engine recreations, nor clones that lived to this day. With warcraft 3 i only ever finished half of the game, by the time sc2 came out, i was already too old to even bother trying.

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Against the Storm (More city building focused)
Northguard (nearly a direct Warcraft clone)
Beyond All Reason (TA clone)

All magnificent.

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Well that's fair I suppose. The feel is very similar.

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Fuckin Golden Sun was super legit. I even loaded up an emulator and replayed just a few years ago. It holds up perfectly well.

GTA 6’s Publisher Says Video Games Should Theoretically Be Priced At Dollars Per Hour (www.forbes.com)

While Take-Two is riding high on their announcement that a GTA 6 trailer is coming, its CEO has some…interesting ideas on how much video games could cost, part of a contingent of executives that believe games are underpriced, given their cost, length or some combination of the two.

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If you want something competitive, Legion TD2

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They did make it more powerful. 6nm APU instead of 7nm. They definitely updated it.

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We'll have to see. Usually transistor count isn't a valid measure of performance unless the chips have identical clock, IPC, and architecture. It's possible they made the same chip on two different lithographies with the same clocks, but it's pretty rare.

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But... boost clocks often directly impact performance? And why only increase boost clocks when after a lithography switch they'd gain so much headroom? Seems a weird place to draw a line in the sand.

But all of this is speculation. What we do know is that RAM speeds are increased, and that will directly impact performance with or without CPU improvements.

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Single nm in this case is a 15% improvement. The number of nm isn't the important part.

And Valve isn't Nintendo. Their hardware strategies, developer strategies, and manufacturing strategies are wildly different and really shouldn't be directly compared

Kata1yst, (edited )
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You mean repackaged Wine that they're pretending to have invented? Yeah should do.

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Grim Dawn! Successor to TQ and measurably better than any other arpg on the market (in my opinion).

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You expect Molyneux to be capable of not disappointing people?

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Do you have a special going if I need more than one?

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