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Hope this cross-post works


Although, if I had to think of beginner tips - knowing the keyboard shortcuts help a ton in getting familar with the game and one can use the “enter” key until you get use to it

I personally learnt by using the starting scenario of the shelter to get familiar with getting the basics of water purification, food sustainability and crafting going and camped out in the shelter and get my crafting up to scratch.

I know that I started to enjoy taking advantage of the weaker zombies in the early game and try and find a small town and try clear it out for a nice cushion to get one up to have a lot of raw material on hand, but that is more when one is more confident in the ability to handle zombies and found a style of play one enjoys


There is another one on the !cataclysmdda instance, but it is not my post but here is it is lemmy.world/post/1796938

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Noita, a precedurally-generated fully destructible, with physics, pixel-graphics action rogue-like game where you play as a mage going through the various layers of a dungeon with the use of your spells that one can spell mix and match with a wand system that can provide the player with interesting and wacky spell combinations.

Best sidequests in the Fallout games?

I’m doing a playthrough of 3, New Vegas, and 4. Mostly focused on beating the main quests and the DLCs but I want to make sure I hit the best side quests on the way. I’m making my push to finish 3 right now and I’ve finished the DLC, Oasis, cannibals, vampires, ant quest, the other ant quest, and a bunch of stuff I’m...

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I am surprised no one has spoke about the mutli-launch fatman launcher? - Fallout 3

Quests I found interesting- limiting myself 7 points

Fallout 3 :

  • Republic of Dave is a fun diversion
  • Agatha’s Song add another radio channel if I can recall
  • Working for the slavers and getting everyone on their list
  • Dunwich building
  • Killing all Behemoths
  • Bobblehead collection
  • Deciding what to do with the Declaration of Independace

Fallout New Vegas

  • White Glove Society
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla
  • Collecting snowglobes
  • Michelangelo quest
  • Red Lucy’s Quest
  • A decision with Euclid’s C-Finder
  • Vicky and Vance Missing Gun

Fallout 2 recommendation

  • Had to really earn brotherhood of steel trust
  • Has a whole new play style at “brain dead” low intelligence level
  • Mysterious hooded stranger on a bridge
  • Can have a car
  • Can build your own super brain bot buddy
  • Meet an unlucky dog
  • Get a deathclaw companion
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I enjoyed

  • "One Shot", it has a few achievements that might require going back to try to complete.

It is puzzle top down story adventure game( it does the whole look into your actual files for solutions thing), once I finished the main story I felt satisified. It allows for playing after the ending but doing so feels hollow and unsatisifying which is the point. It asks the question of why do you still want to play, but oh well I will allow it and makes it possible.

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spoilerMy interpretation and granted it is probably a bit shaking as I havent played in a long time is: I personally found spec ops interesting into the slow descent into darkness, how your team is professional in the beginning and over time they become savage, to the point of blood thristiness, their animations changes, their speech, mannerisms and their models get gradually worn down. You do actions but over time you think wait - am I really doing the right thing, like if you decide to help the cia guy, you find out you’ve been played and just destroyed the water supply for a whole area that is in desparate need of it, this come back to haunt you later on when an angry mob catches up to one of your team. I still remember feeling vindictive of hearing my teammate scream in panic and fear as I was rushing to get to him Then to get there and see him murdered and and an angry mob looking for blood, my first reaction was vengeance not orderly dispersal… The character and the remaining team mate gunned down civilians mercilessly because I felt outrage at them killing one of my own… and the crowd had just cause to be pissed as your rag tag band of misfits have been blowing up commiting warcrimes after to warcrimes justifiying it to some “greater cause” As you play the game even the loading screen are questioning you if you are enjoying yourself and nothing is stopping you from continuing to play. It is quite in your face to say that what you are doing is wrong, but if you keep playing and by finishing the game you are justifying the main characters actions, you are complicit in the acts of violence as you the player are determined to see the game to the end just as he is Their original mission was to just scout… and it somehow turned into this Dubai tour de violence because the main character believes that there was a radio call from someone he idolised If I recall there is that scene at the end that shows all the bullshit, the hanged men, the voice on the radio your character thinks they see and hear is in their head - they have severe ptsd, and have “main character hero syndrome” and none of the game would have happened if they just followed orders


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spoilerIt was watching like a train wreck in slow motion, I ended up just going along for the ride to see how far this rabbit hole would go I really tried to be trigger disciplined in the beginning only firing after the point of a negotiation seemed impossible and before I knew it I caught up in this zoned out mentality - no decision is right, all that matter is the mission, just trying to survive and just devolved into killing on sight and in scenes that feel like it is out of some fever dream - still remember that “lights out” section as someone in some sort animalistic fight or flight zone blinking and someone just appears in front of you I guess it stuck with me how the main character kept making excuses and blaming someone else for all the problems and by the end of it and you see that scene with the chair looking out at Dubai and see that “I caused this” and with that call backs to the the choices and saw how it all was just some “cope” it kind of stuck with me

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