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Seed: Tuque

Coverage: 100%

I used geological landforms and ngl, it took a while to find the perfect map for this concept.

Out of Combat Move Speed Boost made travel on foot feasible.

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OP Mod-lists:

Gameplay & UI
Beauty & Texture Updates
Pawns - Hair, Guns & Gear
Initial Start / spawn in here if interested. The easy way to play an Island is just to use the 'Biomes: Island' mod, but I personally disliked some sweeping changes they made to water and weather effects.

Instead, I used Map Designer - they have an option toggle to generate a 'Perfectly Round Island', regardless of map tile selected. I also used Better Map Sizes when selecting my tile on world spawn to reduce the size to about 90x90.

Finally with the map being so small I used Change Map Edge Limit to remove the restrictions on building at the map edge.

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My colonists live an idyllic lifestyle in the sun, with Parties, Orgies and Festivals a regular occurrence. Our chief exports are Yayo, Sushi and Whisky, all sold directly to Hospitality guests.

Playing on a tiny 90x90 map was a huge challenge and for the most part an engaging one. Every resource and caravan mission counted, we collected hundreds of limestone chunks!

Downside was having enemies spawn literally on top of you, with entire mech clusters crashing INTO your base. Wild animals get desperate to eat your crops (or pawns) real quick. Building 30% of the base on bridge support vs enemy explosives is pretty worrying.

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OP made a very nice description on the /r/rimworld subreddit

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Rimworld Organica - Foundation of Temple Prime

Eerie 'Diver' Riggs never understood the why or how behind these so-called "Psychite Dreamers." Didn't really believe in this fable they prattle on about endlessly either. Some "Archotech Princess" that lives in the imagination land or whatever. She enjoyed the pyschite tea well enough as she felt the warmth of the brew start to settle in. Near orbit, it's always good to relax before entry. These cats, though? These cats really need to lay off the sauce. Still, they are harmless, and the cultists are genuinely the kindest nutjobs on the Rim.

It has been twelve quadrums since Diver was "recruited" by Organica. The odd part about these people when it came to telling her story? Her crime lord father, her criminal background, or this gang of mercs she runs this ship with... no one seemed to care. It just seemed the natural order of things to these crazies. Almost as if they were just being told what they already knew. They smiled, they nodded, then they smiled some more.

Wondering if being their personal troop transport was worth the boredom she finished the last of the tea. This was odd, the clay lid was blue instead of the usual green. Inspecting the lid closely she could make out an inscription, "Heroic Dose."


This is the Dreamer's brew! It must have gotten mixed in with the crew stash. How was that possible? No one else has access to the manifest?! An average psychite tea has just fifty milligrams of the intoxicant this stuff is somewhere around five hundred. There is no way I can land this ship tripping balls. Fuck!

Diver reached for the intercom to call her copilot up to command when the near entry alarm sounded. Panicking she shot up to shut down the orbital decline thrusters. "Too late!", she thought as she was hit like a stack of chemfuel slammed by a flaming muffalo at twenty-five kilometers per hour. The psychite fugue state overwhelmed her, transforming the command room into an incomprehensible mess of colors and patterns. She could only whimper her way into the critical failure pod then smack the big red "safety" button.

Cryofluid seeped into the pod as the autoseat lifted her in. Intercom messages flared every panel in the cabin while the Psychite Dream exploded into view. There was no one left to answer now. She and her ship had dissolved into the surrounding void. Suddenly formless, enveloped by shimmering solar winds spinning towards the galactic core. The galaxy danced, swam, and glittered in every direction. Each star was connected as if she could see webs of hyperspace lanes with just the naked eye. From the endless void, she felt something approaching, something familiar reaching towards her. No... No, there was something else. Something else was watching... felt, wrong.

The solar wind became a golden plasma as it enveloped her. Soft chanting began to thread through the dream. Was this the Princess? Her voice was melodic, beautiful, and deeply haunting. Enraptured by the chant she could not make out the words but no longer needed to. The feeling and intentions were clear. She understood.

"There is no more time. The Mechanoid approaches. You will build my Temple on the Rim. You will welcome all who will come. You, you of all, will lay the first stone."

She awoke from the Dream abruptly jettisoned planetside from the containment pod. Surveying the surroundings, she saw all-too-familiar ship wreckage as well as two other survivors. She recognized her co-pilot Loly who quietly approached and handed her a slightly charred tribal headdress. The same kind wore by the Psychite Dreamers. Donning the headdress without a word as there was no need. She just knew.

Together they laid the first keystone of the Temple Prime.

tl;dr I love this game too much and hope you liked my colony if not my story. Really have enjoyed playing with mechanics and learning how small things like lighting around angles works. I built Temple Prime for the night time view but here is the daytime and a thunderstorm in case you wanted to see them:


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What is your favorite and least favorite part of a Sea Ice run? I’ve been tempted to do one but it’s intimidating

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And thus the journey reaches its end. When I started this run the goal was to test player-made xenotypes, test the Mechanitor run, and see how different biomes, particularly Alpha Biomes biomes, reacted to pollution. The First base was set in a mechanite biome, second in a slime, and third on an ocular forest as you can see. Those that saw my other uploads will notice that the base style is very similar. That is on purpose, to give the sense of continuity, that they were made by the same people. Plus I was going for that circuit board look. Well, on to the tale.

The previous departure had left a foul taste on the mouth of the trio, the feeling of having achieved the bare minimum to create a self-sufficient base lingered in their minds...but such thoughts vanished as they witnessed the sight before them:
A circle of mechanical pillars surrounding a massive construct, the very air drumming with pressure, their brains shuddering over the sheer amount of information being transmitted.

All around them the air was covered in a red fog, a strange sense of unbelonging stabbing at their minds, a wrongness in the very air, the very dirt. As far as the eye could see horrid mockeries of plant life rose, unblinking eyes following their very motions and queer red jellyfish floated through the air...This...this was more like it. This place was still being terraformed, changed and shifted by the archotech for some purpose beyond human settling...in fact the place seemed very much NOT built for human life. A perfect stepping stone for their purposes.

Settling was easy. The trio has become used to the construction of new bases by this point, but growth was slow. They had grown too accustomed to mechanical servitors, too softened by automation...but they would persevere.

This strange land offered some interesting challenges however. The first to be noticed was that the "trees" that populated the area did not produce wood in the traditional sense, the thick material within having more in common with fauna than flora, and thus being unsuitable fuel for early industry...it was however quite resistant to fire and thus an adequate early building material. Next were the ocular jellies, heralds of change and terraforming, the red gasses they bellowed seeming to be a concentrated form of the ever-present fog, which had the unfortunate effect of mutating any plant life into its mostly useless ocular equivalent...they would have to be...persuaded to leave the base area, by force of course. Their meat provided necessary nutrients for the first few meals.

For every challenge there is a blessing however, and the blessing of this land was revealed during the ground breaking of the mining operation: Red Quartz. The entire earthy strata of this place was converted to it, and each chunk contained a vein of a prized material: Alcyolite. Crystalline, piezoelectric and incredibly sturdy. They knew that the end goal would be to have every wall built of the wonderful material.

And such from humble beginnings the base rose. Rather than shy away from the opulent mechanical construct, they made it the central part of the base, forcing them to brave the mental strain produced by it, so they may grow accustomed to it, every other need being built radially around it. This would have unintended consequences however, as it strained the social bonds of the family, culminating in a divorce between Gaston and Campbell. It was an ugly affair, physical violence was involved, but in the end they agreed to work together for their common goal, their child remaining their best friend and confidant despite it all. Such things are easy when technology has made you barely a few years apart from your child's biological age, helped with a shared stuntness of social abilities from both parents, a flaw Baby did not share.

The base grew, mechanoids were built, as news of more factions focusing their eyes upon this small little rimworld. Perhaps rumours of their exploration and their ambitions had reached others, or maybe it was a recent investment in this arm of the galaxy. Nonetheless, with new factions came new technology and a strange peace, each faction too busy warring amongst themselves. Even the mechanoids made for easy pickings as they passed by, forced to march after a particularly gruesome fight. Perfect base materials for the base.

It was with a strange sense of glee that they were attacked by the fabled Cult of Arachna, a strange group bearing tech that before had been beyond the group's reach. Bionics that outperformed archotech at the price of wearing down the body, armour and gear of highly resistant materials, weapons that were casually built with personas...The pawns where outmatched...but the invaders where outnumbered. The tide was turned as 3 dozens of steel construct ruptured into the room, swarming the assailants. Of 4, 2 survived the assault...they would wish they hadn't.

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You see, for a group that worships technology, the incompatibility between one's way of life and certain technological heights was...frustrating. Well, if they could not build it, they would steal it.

The survivors where undressed, one of them luckily featuring gear made with mechanitors in mind, and then strapped to a medical slab. Each of them endured a full day or surgery, each hour marked by a loss of body. A loss of senses. Limbs went first, followed by their spines, leaving them locked in their forms. Eyes next, plunging their world into darkness...then ears, removing any capacity to anticipate what would happen before pain and numbness warned them of what they were about to lose...Their hearts would be the very last, every single bionic soon placed within the Parents, the Child inheriting the pieces of archotech they had managed to accrue thus far.

It was a gruesome affair, but such is life on the Rim.

Maybe it was apprehension. Maybe it was the seed of doubt. But the closer they got to a sell sufficient base, the more they felt like adding to it. This could perhaps be their last work on this land as mortals after all...or at all. As such, certain...luxuries slowly crept in: A hospital built for more than the 3 pawns. A guest room for any people found in danger or ailing to rest before being armoured, armed and sent on their way. A classroom for the children that found their bastion of civilization in the wilderness...Eventually even that wasn't enough. They wanted permanence. Something that could outlast even the archotech dolmen at the heart of their base. An automated centre capable of working without any humanoid input...
Mechanoid constructs were gutted. Generators of all kinds were built for redundancy, avoiding fickle sources such as the sun or wind, and a massive supercomputer was built to withstand the processing of Mechanoids without the need of a Mechanitor...Their gift to the ones that would take over. The cherry on top: A fully automated factory capable of providing stone, steel, components, alcyolite and skysteel, powered by a single atomic generator, locked bellow the danger line...

And then...there was nothing more to do...The tribal faction holding the key was offered a gift of alcyolite-infused plate armour, and skysteel and mythril low-tech weapons...and in exchange they got the key. The last piece of the key...

May the world forgive us.

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Mod Manager

Humanoid Alien Races

Argón's Tribal Medicine

Auto-Cut Blight

Vanilla Expanded Framework

Vanilla Expanded - Ideology Patches

Vanilla Expanded - Royalty Patches

Vanilla Books Expanded

Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Memes and Structures

Alpha Memes

Better Pawn Control

Bionic icons


Candle Meditation Spot

CM Color Coded Mood Bar [1.1+]

Colony Manager

[NL] Custom Portraits


Doors Expanded

Dubs Skylights Glass+Lights Patch

[SYR] Essentials: Stone

Extra Alerts

Fortifications - Medieval

Glowing Ambrosia

[SYR] Glowing Healroot

Graphics Settings+




LWM's Deep Storage

Ben Lubar presents: Vanilla Books Expanded Expanded

Deep Storage Plus (Continued

[SYR] Processor Framework

Medieval Overhaul


Rimedieval - Ice add-on

Rimedieval - Medieval Royalty

Medieval Prosthetics

More Psycasts

More Ritual Rewards

More Vanilla Textures

No Carried Food

Progress Renderer

[Fuu] Punch Attack

Random Icon Pack

Refined Floors

ReGrowth Remastered: Core

ReGrowth: Expanded World Generation - BETA

ReGrowth: Aspen Forests

Replace Stuff

Rim of Madness - Bones

Rim of Madness x Medieval Overhaul Bones Compatibility

Scattered Stones

Sexuality Traits

Simple FX: Smoke

Scattered Flames

Spooky Scary Skeletons

Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval

Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Hats and Rags

Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Icons and Symbols

Vanilla Events Expanded

Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Relics and Artifacts

Vanilla Social Interactions Expanded

Vanilla Textures Expanded

Vanilla Traits Expanded

Vanilla UI Expanded

VFE Medieval: Moat Changes

Wa! Skeleton! (Continued)

Modular Tables and ChairsMedieval Cross-Functionality Patches+

Dubs Skylights

Mod Medicine Patch

Medieval drug lab

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Allow Tool



CM Color Coded Mood Bar [1.1+]

Colonist Bar Adjuster

Geological Landforms

Level Up!

Map Preview

More Planning [1.4]


Progress Renderer



Save On Incident

Self Dyeing

Thrones plus

Trait Rarity Colors

Work Tab

Dubs Mint Minimap

Quality Colors

[T] MoreFloors 1.4

Wildfire (Continued)


Cherry Picker (dev)

[FSF] No Default Shelf Storage

Defensive Positions


Quest Reminder

Designator Shapes

RocketMan - Performance Mod

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