Obsidian responds to 'concerns' about Avowed's Xbox and PC visuals and scope (

The trailer fails to show much in its 2-minute run time. To clear up misconceptions though I’ll say this, the game is big and open, it is unfair to compare it to Outer Wilds (I think Feargus is trying to keep expectations down just in case), which I think it is nothing alike. The studio that did the trailer did some...

How to pirate just planes videos? (

Just planes is a company that makes videos/dvd’s of Airplanes. I want to pirate just planes cause I want to watch some of their older content, However you need to buy dvd’s. And I do not own a dvd player. A few of their content is available in short snippets on YouTube. But I would like to see the full video. Thank

OK mateys, let's talk about direct links. (

The original /r/piracy was purposefully gimped because Reddit received DMCAs for any random thing and didn’t even bother to follow up. Since we’re in new waters, I want things to be a bit more relaxed, but there’s a limit on how relaxed we can be, without starting to get lawsuits, which I will not be able to fight off. I...

Is there a website where you can paste a $pot1fy playlist and download all the tracks in decent quality?

I am looking to save all the music I like on hardisks due to the recent closure of rarbg which was a wake up call “unless you save it you don’t own it”. So if anyone knows a way to download playlists instead of each single song I will be thankful!

Czy w Twoim odczuciu decentralizacja jest przyszłością Internetu?

Nie oszukujmy się - ostatnio widać jak nigdy wcześniej łakomstwo wielkich social mediów na nasze dane i pieniądze. Akcje z Twitterem i Redditem są tylko przykładami, gdzie coś zadziało się po prostu nie do końca po myśli właścicieli. Decentralizacja to genialna odpowiedź na ten problem, tylko niestety nie jest...

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