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When a new price is set for a subscription product that the user has been purchased, the user would have the right to criticize the price and consider whether or not to continue using the product.

This is especially true in the case of , which was used as a foundation for users to develop their own games, and once the game was completed, the users had the right to copy and distribute that game. However, 's new price is not a matter of price, but of taking away some of the copy and distribution rights from the user. Therefore, users must carefully consider whether or not to continue using .

Report: Unity considering revenue-based fee caps, self-reported install numbers (arstechnica.com)

The recently promised "changes" to Unity's controversial new per-install fee plan for developers could include hard limits based on a company's total revenue and developer self-reporting of installation numbers, according to a new report.

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This price change would be not for gaming industry gains, but for the capitalist's private appetite. Unity engine would be added unneccesary features for it.

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I am wondering if they will silently reinstate the changed TOS repositories.

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I think they would do Hostile Takeover to Unity

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Yeah I've also spent thousands of hours and still enjoy it.

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Space Engineers has a planet, where you can burn fuel and fly for hours from Earth and land to. However, there is no story there. Choose the game that is more interesting to you.

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Is there a provision for paying the actor's family a performance fee each time he or she performs in a synthetic voice after his or her death?

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