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Captain of the Kabob Palace Guard.

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That is fascinating, I want to know, is there any way to prevent this during assembly? Even with extreme clean room protocols! Does it happen with other telescopes?! Down the rabbit hole, I must go.

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Our navy terrorizes most of the world. The US Army just figured out Class A uniforms. There is no reason why the Bundeswehr should outshine us in uniform design. It’s a tailoring gap we must overcome before we can conquer ze world. So you have nothing to worry about, except coming up with better comments.

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That’s frustrating. Anyways, SpaceX! Turnaround record of 3 hours! Something fails, learn from it and launch another one. The ULA invests so much money and time, it makes every mechanical or propulsion failure seem catastrophic.

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Indeed, this is the way. Fuccckk thaaatt Boeiiiinggg ::::meditation mantra::::::

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