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Husband, father of 2, from Emmental, CH

Use #debian, enjoy #cycling, #trailrunning, running. and hiking, do #photography, do #hiking, swim all year round, love nature.

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Say hello to another (3rd) member of infamous group, Sophie!🥰 She’s 9 months and that her first ride!😁 That trailer is far superior to the one we had before and it was a pleasure to tow it!🙈 @cycling @rower

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@ssamulczyk @cycling @rower How did she like it?

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@ssamulczyk @cycling @rower Our kids loved to travel in the trailer. K2 was 20 days old when we took her the first time - it was cold and snowing on that day... 😊

ssamulczyk, to rowery
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I’m stubborn and I just couldn’t let it go… And so I’ve reached a milestone of 14000km in a year on a . The weather was shit, cold AF, but the company was perfect! Couldn’t be more happy with myself!🥰 @cycling @rower


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@ssamulczyk @cycling @rower Congratulation, this is an impressive distance you covered! And besides family and all 👍💪

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