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What are some eras of gaming that you've stopped feeling nostalgic for? (

As I've gotten older as a player, I have found myself dropping some eras of gaming that I used to be nostalgic for. One of them is the 8-bit era, the NES days. I have played some of the best that system had to offer and I will never say that system didn't have any good games....


Pre-Windows PC Era games worth mentioning:

  • Wing Commander 1 & 2
  • X-Wing and TIE Fighter
  • Sierra point & click adventure games like Kings Quest & Leisure Suit Larry,
  • Doom
  • Quake
  • Dune 2
  • Command & Conquer
  • Warcraft 1 (zug zug!)
  • X-Com
  • Fallout 1

If you play it you'll see. I just tried it out yesterday and it's basically combined elements from Pokemon (creature collection & design style), Minecraft (crafting, resource collection), Slime Rancher (base building, using the "Pals" as workers), Zelda (hot/cold mechanics, climbing, combat, weapon durability), and a bunch of other elements from other games like a tech tree, recipes,

It's somehow been able to do that in a really cohesive end product. It's definitely a mish-mash, and the cutesy pals definitely do look like pokemon characters, but it somehow just works.

Xbox's biggest crisis right now isn't games. It's hardware. (Opinion - Jez Corden) (

"Today, PlayStation revealed that its PS5 has sold 40 million units. Microsoft doesn’t share hardware numbers typically, but court documents, math, and slides from an ID@Xbox in Brazil seem to suggest the Xbox Series X|S line-up is around 20-23 million units sold globally. That essentially puts the PS5 at a 2:1 advantage...


vast majority of gamers are going to be running Windows.

Vast majority of PC gamers are on windows, yeah. But overall the PC gamer market and console gamer markets are similar. There's a lot of overlap too as PC gamers also have consoles.

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