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A video of someone playing the game, on somewhere like YouTube. You get to watch someone else (the “lets player”) play, and use all the mechanics.

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Paradox games require you to turn on Ironman mode to get achievements, which is why all of them have really low achievement percentages. That combined with vanilla just seems like not a whole lot of fun to me.

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I think that’s part why BG3 has taken off so much, honestly. We’ve had so many open world games with ridiculously large maps that a lot of people are disillusioned with the lack of depth.

BG3 with its narrower scope makes for a much deeper experience. I would love a game that can do both depth and breadth, but these games already are a massive undertaking.

Where do you have your VPN setup?

I’ve moved my Plex server to Truenas Scale, and I’m about to get Sonarr/Radarr/Ombi/etc setup, but first I need to get VPN going. Truenas Scale uses OpenVPN and my current VPN service is ExpressVPN (which I’ve been very happy with). Setting up ExpressVPN with Truenas has proven challenging because of certificate import...

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Nah that ExpressVPN article is about regular port forwarding, not through the VPN. If you use that type of port forwarding you’ll be leaking your IP.

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I would really advise against Replika, they’ve shown some scummy business practices. It seems like kind of a nightmare in terms of taking advantage of vulnerable people. At the very least do some research on it before getting into it.

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People like to cheat on community servers so they can own those kids at bed wars or whatever. It’s not the same to mod your own server, because then you’re not exerting “power” over other people.

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