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Editoria, sintetizzatori a tempo perso e anticapitalismo.

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iirc it’s a “fault” of the PS3 architecture which makes it practically impossible to emulate. We’ll have to see if the second part of the remastered MSG collection will eventually port it.

What is something (feature, modes, settings...) you would like to see become a standard in video games?

I’ve been thinking about making this thread for a few days. Sometimes, I play a game and it has some very basic features that are just not in every other game and I think to myself: Why is this not standard?! and I wanted to know what were yours....

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Give me Disco Elysium-tier choices in story development and dialogue.

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My money’s on an Animal Crossing, possibly not immediately on release but close to it nonetheless. New Horizons had just too much success for the company not trying to ride the wave, and they have so much room to improve on the mechanics and the variety of the setting.

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Didn’t New Horizon have a DLC AND a microtransactions-riddled mobile game?

I tried playing the two original Baldur's Gate games on Ubuntu. It's hell.

Long story short: I am absolutely inexperienced with Linux distros but made the switch from Windows a bit more than a year ago. Right now, everyone’s talking about Baldur’s Gate 3, including a lot of the podcasts and shows I follow: since I never experienced the OG games, I wanted to try them out. They were on sale on GOG,...

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It’s not a dumb idea per se but I’d rather play a version that’s been (allegedly) optimized for Linux computers, like GOG states on the game’s front page!

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I did download the native Linux versions.

Most emotional moments in games? (SPOILERS)

Just for the heads up, this thread will probably have a lot of spoilers. I’m gonna try to go vague on spoilers for anybody that hasn’t played Hotline Miami 2. If you’ve played the game, you’ll probably know what I mean, but I’m going to say some purposefully esoteric shit to keep it out of full spoiler territory....

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