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I'm starting to see some serious downsides to being able to see who downvotes you. (kbin.social)

A few days ago I downvoted someone's comment, and the next day I happened to notice every single comment I've ever made had at least one downvote. All from the person I dared to downvote the ONE time. I straight up asked why they did it, and they seem to think I'm an "obvious" troll account that "apparently just exist to...

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Hi there Dark thoughts! I'm just curious as to why you've downvoted every single comment I've ever made on Kbin. Is this something you do to everyone who downvotes you one time? Seems a little extreme and immature don't ya think?

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What the actual fuck? One downvote is all it took and this dude thinks I'm a troll. (Make that two, lol) If anyone else is reading this, I'm very real and this is my main account. Lol. Jesus Christ.

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