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Hello, my name's Allen. I'm here to share my various train photos, news, and advocacy.

Focused mainly on British Columbia and Ontario, Washington and Oregon states but sometimes I will post a couple other adventures from where I've gone!

My original photos may be used under the terms of the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license. Feel free to send a message for other uses or any questions.

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Some transit vehicles on "The T" in Boston recently received googly eyes, spurred on by a local campaign.



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Montreal Locomotive Works Class H1b - No. 2816 "The Empress"

Happy Day!

I was in in April
to see this beautifully restored steam locomotive. It was a public event at Canadian Pacific Headquarters in commemoration of 1 year since their merger with Kansas City Southern.

This has since been on tour and will do one last stop in on July 6th, 2024.


front view of the empress steam locomotive, upward angle
rear view of the coal tender of the empress steam locomotive
left side of the empress steam locomotive behind the crowd

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This one is interesting. The Abt system is only between two stations on a steep grade and a separate locomotive shunts with the train, not shown here.

The picture is of the beautiful and unique station that is located on top of the bridge.

I've ridden this one, and I would recommend earplugs if you have sensitive ears.

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