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Can somebody explain why game makers don't start their own companies together?

It seems like every other week a game studio is massively laying off employees; sometimes after years of development. What I’m reading is that it’s a quick way to lower expenses and pad the investors’ pockets, flooding the market with developers and reducing their value, to then hire them back a few months later at lower...

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I'm not following on why manager roles are different from traditional companies.

The book keeping? You mean splitting the profit? Why wouldn't you assume everyone has a % stake?

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"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad"

/kbin quick March update (kbin.social)

I'm slowly catching up with backlog tasks and cleaning up instances, but there's still quite a bit to do. Day by day, I'm managing to work longer hours, but I still need some time to ramp up the intensity of work. Just wanted to let you know that there might be brief downtimes in instance operation over the weekend. I aim to...

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Thanks Ernest, glad you're starting to feel better!

Is there any progress on the delayed federation? Other than this post my "Hot" is all 18 hours old.

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It also means the rest of Lemmy/etc don't see your posts or comments for X hours as well.

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This would be great! Can you merge after a fork?

There's also the issue if Ernest isn't around who gives others willing to be on the dev team permissions so they can assist.

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$10 is more than 'free' usually costs me.

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Can we get worker owned game companies now?

Seraph, (edited )
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Why did my last game have to be Chivalry 2?

Being repeatedly torn apart by various medieval weapons does not sound like a good time.

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Really curious what the gameplay will be like.

Anyone feels like almost all modern online games are boring?

I don’t feel compeled to play any online game at the moment except if a friend asks me to play with them. Even then, the only part where I am having fun is when some weird shenanigens happen which doesn’t happen at all given how sanetized and “ballanced” games are. I just want to see a funny ragdoll fly off one side of...

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This is my go to game right now when I need a pick me up. But I'm also really good with a great sword.

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To be honest it's why I play the game on easy settings. I'm looking for fun not stress, but I respect those looking for a challenge.

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If I can't meet the deadline, I will step down from leading the project and transfer full rights over the repository and instance to the contributors.

I respect you entirely but this is a bit dramatic. Not all projects can be on time due to complications and no one is asking you to step down. Please just do what is necessary - you're doing fantastic!

Looking forward to the first version!

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Really? I love real time strategy games but feel like most of the new strategy games I see are turn based.

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