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Yeah it was amazing for the 3-4 hours it worked every day.

Damn haven’t thought about that shit for 25 years.

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you need to have an honest conversation with yourself before you address any further issues publicly.

from “if the update isn’t out by september consider this project dead” to “i’ll be working on it for a few hours then it should be good to go” you clearly have trouble estimating the amount and scope of work necessary to maintain a site of this caliber.

i’m not trying to be insulting to you, but you need to understand it’s starting to get tiring as a user too. take stock of what you are doing and pause for a moment before you give your users a defined timeframe.

the post where you said it would be a few hours is still up and unedited. that was 3 days ago. i wouldn’t have minded you saying “it will be a few days, maybe a week or longer” at the get-go but now we’re approaching 1000% estimated time to recovery and it feels like you are no closer than you were 3 days ago. it’s insulting and it definitely doesn’t need to be that way.

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“I’ll be working on it for the next few hours” is different than “I’ll be working for a few hours today but have not identified root cause yet so I can’t say how long the fix will be”

“The update will come in September or consider the project abandoned” vs “I want to have the update out by the end of September but can’t guarantee any timeframes until I’m further along in the work”

“It should be back up in a few hours” vs “I’ll update everyone again once I’ve identified the issues and am working towards a clear resolution”

I’m not asking for more work or more communication, just honest communication.

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