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Weekly raiding in FFXIV with friends, M+ in WoW by myself, also started back up in EVE Online again, just grinding a bit of isk to get back into the feel of things again.

For non-MMO stuff, I’ve been slowly getting through Cyberpunk 2077 and working on my all-numbered-FFs playthrough. Still playing Guilty Gear Strive, as well. God, there are too many video games to play.

Getting a little bored in 2077, the DLC patch hasn’t changed anything I had real criticisms of and the gameplay isn’t significantly better to make up for it, but I’ll try to power through and see if the DLC itself is any good.

Also a bit into FF2, and the leveling system is…strange. Definitely not a huge fan of leveling individual weapons/spells, especially on a per-action basis. But while the story seems basic so far, I’m interested enough to keep going with it.

As for Guilty Gear, I’m trying to get more consistent with my buttons, and trying to push myself to actually remember combos in matches. I’m good at neutral, I just don’t get enough from winning it to actually win enough games to progress where I’m at rank-wise (floor 8-9). So, getting more reward from winning neutral seems like the next big step on the path to improvement right now.

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I main Testament. Bottom 3 character, but I love their playstyle and aesthetic, so I’m in it for the long haul with them.

Big things for me right now are learning to do an RC or WA off of hit confirms.

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Heh, appreciate the positivity. I don’t mean to say that, because they’re bottom 3, that means Testament can’t win. I mostly use tier lists to help recognize where I may have trouble and need to work to learn the particulars, such as for matchups. The game is very well balanced overall, despite a few small hiccups.

But yeah, my f.S is definitely my main tool for getting hits to confirm off of at range. HS is decent, but very slow and can be punished hard by any sort of disconnected hitbox, so I tend to use it predictively and as a followup more than a poke; great for juggling, though, since it hard bounces. Fireball is a staple, as well, and Arbiter is nice for checking movement (catches dashs if they start out of range).

But yeah. Mostly just need to practice actually using RCs and WAs in real matches. Practiced combos in the lab enough that more isn’t helping a ton.

Thanks for the advice!

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They truly did pick the worst description for it possible. I’ve had a lot of fun with it, though. Pretty solid game for being in beta, and the devs seem decently in-tune with the community.

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