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Thanks for the hard work!
Even though I don't post much so mostly ignore all those messages, still it is a big problem. Until we get it sorted out having tools like these helps stop "bleeding" by people who want to use kbin.
Had few pop up on my magazine even though there is barely a traction but saw few times bloat when posted on other magazines which is really discouraging.

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Played 1,2,4 and 5 .
Mechanics I would say I liked 4 compared to 1,2 while 5 has formula a bit reinvented so it's different at all in good and bad ways.
Story wise 1,2 and 4 are great, 5 story is meh.
So if you want to try after 4 the 5th... Just tune out of the story, it's not even close to others. Personal stories in 5 are kinda good but overall story is trash.
So yeah Valvatorez main plot is great so definitely get that one if you itching for Disgaea.

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