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im also pretty new to fighting games.
but from what i heared, playing arcade mode is verry diffrent from playing against other players.

especially in older games hi level cpus tend to fight dirty,
using input reading and op boss characters.

input reading cpus basicly have inhuman reflexes,
and will counter big comittal attacks like jumpins or tatsu as long as they are free to move.

so throw out non-commital pokes, untill they do something you can counter.

if its the bosses you are struggeling against,
only perseverance will help. (unless you find a move the ai cant deal with)
they are designed to take your quarters.

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this stuff really pisses me off,
i remember recently watching a video about tekken8.

the devs aparently made an announcement that boils down to “we need to monetize the shit out of this game now to make our monney back”
and the streamer just went “yeah thats reasonable”

they have the sales figures for tekken 7, and tekken 7 was an online game, so they know their active userbase.
(and they also now charge 70 bucks)

so they have at least a vague idea of how much monney they’ll make.

how can you screw up your budget that bad unless you senslessly dump money at your release.

yeah cutting edge graphics are neat,
but thats incredibly expensive.
and imo not that nececary for a great experience.

maybe a game that needs to nickle and dime its playerbase shouldnt be made in the first place?

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time for the return of the “turbo” button i guess

Kerb, (edited )
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i have no idea if it still works,
but manny third party launchers like polyMc still have a option to sign in with old mojang accounts

EDIT: it doesnt work, poly is just outdated.
also, use prism instead

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i wasnt sure if the old login servers are online.

i dont know why they would still show the menu entry if the servers are down

Kerb, (edited )
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Oh wow, apparently im a whole drama behind here 😂
I just recently discovered PolyMc because i learned about MultiMc drama,
while searching for a flatpack build.

Ill guess ill look up what happened, and then probably switch

EDIT: i just looked it up WTF is wrong with that guy,
i switched asap

Kerb, (edited )
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i still remember recieving the pc version of the og battlefront2 as a birthday gift.

i could not get it to run for weeks,
and i had to deactivate all sound to get it to work.

it was downright uncanny to hear the sound, when i bought the steam version years later.

also the loading screen with the map zooming in in battlefront1 was the coolest shit i had ever seen

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neat, i thought about eventually building my owm hitbox or mixbox style controler.

what kind of controller circuit board
do you use for these custom controlers?

and how did you set up the multiple usb ports, it kinda looks lik the brace of a pci card?

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thanks, that’s a lot simpler and more affodable than i expected.

why is that FGC stick thing needed for the events?

it just looks like usb on both sides.
is that board actually incompatible with ps5,
is it because the usb hub,
or is it because some tournament rule (like socd cleaning or something)

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ive been using the steam flatpack on silverblue for a while now.

there are a few cases where steam wont start (less then once every 2 months i think)
that usually are resolved by updating the flatpack.

otherwise i have not noticed any other issues.

Not counting games that were unfun because of bugs, what’s the most unfun video game that you’ve played and what made it unfun? (kbin.cafe)

Most of the video games I’ve played were pretty good. The only one I can think of that I didn’t like was MySims Kingdom for the Nintendo DS. Dropped that pretty quickly. It was a long while ago, but I’ll guess it was because there were too many fetch quests and annoying controls.

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thats imo the worst way to start factorio.

a friend of mine tried to introduce me to the game,
but i lost intrest after blue science.

did you try it out by yourself yet?
it only clicked for me,
once i learned the game at my own pace.

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im usually not to bothered by a few fights before the bossroom (probably because i started out with ds2)

but smelter demon was awfull until i learned the balcony jump.

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In all honesty, i doubt, it will be as bad as 76.

Unless they try to push the creation club by blocking mods and thus community patches,
It wont be nearly as bad.

A lot of the issues with 76 stem from it being a multiplayer game.

The multiplayer aspect prevented mods& community bugfixes, and caused Cheaters & p2w.

Buggy messes are honestly what Bethesda’s already known for, so unless they are foolish enough to block the unofficial patches,
Its gonna be a somewhat decent release even if it won’t live up to the hype.

I still wouldn’t be caught dead preordering anything Bethesda made,
But it certainly won’t be as disastrous as 76

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Id guess that 76 was a big catalyst in that.
Since it was an online game you couldn’t load community patches,
so people where kinda forced to stare it in the face.

In addition to that, the perception of AAA games kinda shifted in general.

From Blockbusters with incredible production value, to overhyped and unfinished bug ridden messes.

So Bethesda gets lot more flak now for having so many bugs, even tho almost none are game breaking

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