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bezpieczną alternatywę dla komercyjnie dostępnych narzędzi do komunikacji i w znacznym stopniu ogranicza ich użycie przez personel

Sensowne podejście. Zamiast się bawić w kotka i myszkę jak większość organizacji

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I’d expect “thinking about left” and “seeing someone go left” to be two different “waves”

What are some hidden indie gems nobody knows about?

Which indies did you discover and would love more people to know about? I’ll start: The Pale Beyond. Not sure if it’s a hidden gem tbh, but it’s such a good story rich game. I laughed, I cried and felt the characters struggles. If you like story rich games/ choices matter, check it out.

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If I’m not mixing something up, they also created Overgrowth (third-person action platformer with rabbits beating up wolfs). And in order to distribute it without messing with third party services, they’ve created Humble Bundle. They sold it to some company later but for a long time it was them putting together the bundles.

It’s a little off-topic, I know

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Antichamber is hidden gem or simply forgotten? I don’t know how much attention it got in its time.
It’s a puzzle platformer but I was feeling my brain bend the whole game. And at the same time I never felt like the new mechanic was explained too little or something was artificially dragged out. Very good design.

IMO it was better than Portals

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The Beginner’s Guide

Definitely a gem. So meta

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Maybe Satisfactory? Or Factorio?

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Ah, so survival base building is a good lead. I’m not into this genre but I’ve heard about these (in order as they came to my mind):

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The difference between private and public companies is the single biggest threat to us all

Nah. One does not build a company to provide a service but to earn money. “Well-being of the company” only matters if you are sure you can sell it for more if you grow it more

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I’ve found this. Personally I would not say the difference is worth having another name, maybe for the sake of differentiating between the ratios.

But it seems that indeed 4K is not 2160p 🤷

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people developing this game must have been put through

I’m Out Of The Loop, could you please expand on what you refer to? You mean this?

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