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I was a big fan of the game. Always thought it had potential to be great. I had already quit this wipe pretty much as soon as I hit Max traders. Don’t think I’ll be returning back next wipe.

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There’s a mod for Tarkov called SPT that allows you to play single player (by default it is an online only game, meaning pvp).

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I’ve always used claw grip. Just feels the best for FPS.

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Yes it’s piracy. And it’s likely illegal depending on your country. But I don’t think it’s unethical.

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Same, but I’m still eagerly waiting for someone to do the genre better then Tarkov. But so far, nothing has scratched the itch like Tarkov.

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Marathon was a bit before my time, but I definitely agree, the art style on the trailer for the new marathon looks really cool. But between cod dmz, marauders, the cycle frontier; I’m just a bit skeptical that anyone can properly replicate what makes Tarkov such an interesting and addicting game style.

That being said, definitely hoping for some proper competition to Tarkov as it has some serious issues that I don’t see getting fixed anytime soon.

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I have half a mind to start releasing cracks just so there’s 1 cracker who isn’t a fucking bigot.

EDIT: btw, didn’t Voksi get arrested back in 2018? And EMPRESS started releasing cracks in like 2019. So are we to believe that Voksi goes to jail for a year, and immediately comes out and starts cracking again, all without receiving another visit from the feds? Doubt.

EDIT2: lol here’s Voksi’s response: lemmy.dbzer0.com/post/2218172

Fuck EMPRESS and SKIDROW, SKIDROW for dragging Voksi into the petty bullshit and both of them for their childish, edgleord bullshit.

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Maybe a leaked YouTube link from their Patreon?

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