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I am owned by several dogs and cats. I have been playing non-computer roleplaying games for almost five decades. I am interested in all kinds of gadgets, particularly multitools, knives, flashlights, and pens.

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If you eventually buy another you should look at the Knifeless Rebar. You lose the blade, which you carry separately, but gain scissors.

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I always carry at least one good knife too. I’ve been pleased with the Knifeless Rebar as a companion tool.

My main multitool these days is a Leatherman Free P4, but I replaced both blades with other third-party tools (from ZapWizard).

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The tools are 3D printed in metal. The designs are excellent and the tools work quite well. I’ve been using them for at least six months and haven’t had any problems.

I got the bit holder, the T-Shank saw blade holder, and the scalpel holder. They more than make up for what they replaced, except for the blades. Since I always carry both a plain edge and a serrated blade, it’s all a trade up.

ZapWizard was also very helpful.

GOAT Multitool (www.goat.tools)

I’ve had my GOAT multitool for a couple weeks now. It’s big feature is swapping the tools, but it has other advantages as well. The spring-loaded pliers are great and they use a “frame-based” spring that should hold up to heavy use. The bit driver will hold every type of bit (standard, double-ended, Leatherman, etc.)...

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I have found the usual small prybars useful, but I have since discovered variants like this: https://lemmy.ca/pictrs/image/30231769-6186-49b3-8bb6-1c12a1576306.jpeg

It provides a much better grip and the curve give it a lot more leverage. I’ve been surprised at how much more effective it is than straight bars of a similar size. (This one was made by Teale Designs on Etsy.)

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