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It’s been too long since we had an operational European launcher. I hope Vega C and A6 are available and reliable by the end of the year. There is quite a queue of new missions, several of them already had to be launched with SpaceX.

Mars rover mission will use pioneering nuclear power source (

Can I ask how everyone personally feels about using nuclear material for space exploration? For the rovers heating elements it will be just a couple of grams but for generating electricity via a RTG a spacecraft would require several kilograms of radioactive material.


Some more information in the Guardian:…/australian-taxpayers-paid-46600…

There is currently no mission planned for her as Australia just paid the training cost when she did not get selected into the ESA astronaut chor.

Australia would also now have to pay for a ride to the ISS. The tourist ticket info I found was about 30 MUSD but that’s including the training I think.

Euclid's sight restored (

A newly devised procedure to de-ice Euclid’s optics has performed significantly better than hoped. Light coming in to the visible ‘VIS’ instrument from distant stars was gradually decreasing due small amounts of water ice building up on its optics. Mission teams spent months devising a procedure to heat up individual...

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