WanderingPoltergeist, to gaming
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I've gotten back into Cyberpunk 2077; This game went from a disaster to becoming the version which should have been released! So many systems reworked, being able to ride the Metro in cinematic style, and the new story of Phantom Liberty makes this game great. It's still disappointing that the pool of romanceable characters is so small, with only one gay man in the entire line up. At least the other parts of Cyberpunk 2077 are so much stronger, like the lore about the Cyberpunk universe; talking about the game makes me want to continue my Phantom Liberty play session!

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@WanderingPoltergeist @Desmond373 Haven't played the expansion yet but played through the entire game after the big update before it and can't remember it ever crashing. Of course YMMV but worked great for me in OpenSUSE Leap through Steam.

youronlyone, to gaming
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schizanon, to gaming

I have a lot of , some , some . I find that I often go to use my and the buttons are mapped wrong for whatever reason.

Does recommend any software for managing button mappings? Mostly interested in Windows but cross-platform is always nice. Would be cool to not have to reconfigure every time I set up a new PC!


fervi, to gry

Rzecz, której nikt nie chciał, ale także nikt nie potrzebował

Może niektórzy pamiętają, ale portuję gry (zazwyczaj) na Termux. Termux to środowisko Linuksowe uruchamiane na Androidzie. W skrócie to aplikacje Linuksowe skompilowane, by używały bibliotek Androidowych, więc w sumie to wszystko Android xD

W każdym razie udało się zbudować grę Zaz i znajduje się ona w repozytorium Termux User Repository

W sumie ciekawe co kolejne? Hmm 😃
Oczywiście wymagana klawiatura xD

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