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Dark Souls 1 can be emotional with a strong and deep atmosphere but the narration is kind of loose.

Shenmue 1. Really special game focused on the feeling of losing a relative with emphasis on the story. Tons of bittersweetness in that game.

Resident Evil HD remaster has some very sad moment, even if overall it is more scary than sad.

What games do you recommend for my girlfriend?

My girlfriend has never really gamed. But she’s now forced to move less than she would like to (health problem) and she’s getting bored. I was thinking of introducing her to a game or two that we could play together. She’s not the real action game type, and seeing as she has no experience with controller/mouse and keyboard...

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This is awesome. Also it’s fun enough just to watch someone play

vervein, (edited )
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Disagree unless the game can be compiled from source. because most games are targeted for a specific Ubuntu lts version… try to symlink obscure libs hoping it doesn’t crash meanwhile winapi is stable and wine/proton is way easier to manage.

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