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Still playing Pikmin 4, I think I might be close to finishing. It’s been fun, but I’m starting to feel a bit bored after almost 30 hours…

After yesterday’s Direct I got Horizon Chase 2 which I was expecting on the Switch. It’s a bit buggy (nothing major, just small things here and there), and the frame rate drops in some stages, but it’s still quite fun and the music is amazing. Barry Leitch never disappoints 🙌

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I think I’m at the last site of the main campaign. I’ve been playing pretty relaxed and getting 100% in each site. HowLongToBeat says it takes 38½ hours for “Completionists”, so I’m guessing that’ll be how long it takes me at least. But I’m in no rush 😅

Horizon Chase 2 is pretty fun, it’s arcade racing, so pretty accessible for people who don’t play realistic racing games like me (the only other racing game I play is Mario Kart!).

I also played some Smash Ultimate during the weekend and I’m seriously considering getting Nintendo Online again to play online (and also for F-Zero 99…).

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Please F-Zero 🤞

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The good sign -to me- is if they’re still hyping up major Switch games so late in the game, it probably means whatever comes next will be backwards compatible.

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