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My gender is my concern, but you may use any pronoun to refer to me

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What are some hidden indie gems nobody knows about?

Which indies did you discover and would love more people to know about? I’ll start: The Pale Beyond. Not sure if it’s a hidden gem tbh, but it’s such a good story rich game. I laughed, I cried and felt the characters struggles. If you like story rich games/ choices matter, check it out.

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Voxelgram is Picross 3D for PC. Must-have for people who like nonograms.

I know many of those words.

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From The Depths – very deep large vehicle design and combat game, prepare to happily lose months of your life

Barotrauma – help crew a submarine under the command of the captain to perform missions in an alien open world. fun multiplayer with good in game VOIP

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I have a bunch of these stupid-ass components in my machine, but my case takes care of that bullshit. It is a monolithic black slab with special baffles to prevent light from getting out. It does not even have a fucking power LED. I love it so much.

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Still wrong. Magenta and arguably cyan are missing.

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Lemme see if I have this straight.

You want to pick a new symbol for the gays, but you want to use a symbol that has no other meaning associated with it. Can’t use multicoloured arcs because that already symbolizes the rainbow itself. So by that logic, you can’t use ANY existing concept or image of any previously existing thing.

Dude, just be honest with yourself. The Gays give you weird feelings you’re not willing to examine.

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You’re already misusing our cool new word. Cut it out.

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