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Nice to see that the Mana series got a pretty decent revival in the past couple of years. I am usually pretty careful when it comes to publishers remaking and / or reviving old series from my childhood, but this time I have to admit that Square Enix did a pretty good job.

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Looks about as shitty as I expected, considering the dumpsterfire that BioWare has been for at least the past decade. I am just glad that, for now, we still have Larian Studios making good, classic CRPGs. Here’s hoping they never get bought up by EA or other large soulless corporations.

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As a huge fan of the first Dragon’s Dogma I am very much disappointed with the game as it was released today. Honestly after playing for about 2-3 hours today on PS5, I have to say the game is very much not ready for release.

  • Terrible performance with an unlocked frame-rate that’s between 20 - 35 FPS (give me a smooth 30 FPS and never use a fucking unlocked frame-rate on console. WHO DOES THAT? If you can’t get a smooth 60 don’t make me play an uneven mess such as this) First patch gives an option for fixed 30 FPS, disable RT and seems to have made the main city a little better
  • Controlling the character feels like moving through molasses
  • Annoying motion blur that cannot be disabled Fixed in the first patch
  • bad dialog animations and lip sync
  • micro-transactions in a full price game

It’s clear that the game was rushed and needed at least a couple more months in development. I am sure they will fix the most egregious problems but as it stands right now I would not buy the game. Shame fucking Sony won’t let you refund a game if you downloaded it, which is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

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For me it must’ve been either one of the Commander Keen games or the original Prince of Persia back in the early 90s. Still damn good games.

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