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I’m taking my conversation-level Japanese courses this year and have been looking to land a dev job in Japan. From the sound of it, I’d like working for Pocket Pair a lot. But then again, most companies make their employment sound fantastic…

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Haha, yeah, I’m familiar with the work culture in Japan. I’ve heard from other developers currently working there that it’s much better working for newer and/or international companies.

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Never knew I wanted a Blade game from the Dishonored team, but now I need it.

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Redfall was made by Arkane Austin, a different Arkane development team. Dishonored and Death Loop were made by Arkane Lyon, the same team doing Blade.

Now, you may be right that some of the devs behind Dishonored and Death Loop aren’t there anymore, but it would be for other reasons and nothing to do with Redfall. So in that light, I’m still hopeful Blade will live up to the hype.

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Just finished Sea of Stars. A random indie game I saw that looked like it would tickle my nostalgia senses, and boy did it deliver. Managed to sneak its way into my top 10 games of all time, easy.

If you’re a fan of turn-based RPGs with action command mechanics (like Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi), old school isometric pixel graphics like Golden Sun or Breath of Fire, great characters, a solid plot, and good pacing, I urge you to pick this game up. There wasn’t ever really a moment where I didn’t want to keep playing.

It took me about 35 hours to finish the entire story and most side content. I estimate it would be probably another 10 hours to finish the rest of the side quests and get all the achievements.

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I agree with your last statement, but I actually really enjoyed the puzzles in Spider-Man 1. The story-based ones were never difficult, and for the optional ones, I just waited until I was in the mood for some puzzles, and then blew through them all in one go.

But if you don’t like puzzles at all, I understand turning them off.

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