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Valve needs to step up on Anti-Cheat

So yeah, I want to discuss or point out why I think Valve needs to fix Anti-Cheat issues. They have VAC but apparently its doing jackshit, be it Counter Strike 2 (any previous iterations) or something like Hunt: Showdown the prevalence of cheating players is non deniable. For me personally it has come to a point that I am not...

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On the flipside of this, I've been kicked from games because I know how to prefire, and a lot of players see that and just assume you're wallhacking. Nobody pays attention to the 70% of the time that you prefire at air, but when you guess right and instakill someone holding an angle, it's easier to say "cheater" than "i've been holding this same angle for the past 5 rounds, perhaps I've become predictable"

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I have small hands and still fingertip basically all the time, and I have all my life. I don't use a small mouse either (G502)

I hate how smudgy and uncomfortable it feels to have reduced fine control when my palm comes into contact with the mouse. It feels icky and frustrating. I know plenty of people palm grip with low DPI and big mousepads to achieve fine control, but that seems far more exhausting than just developing stamina in the forearm.

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You're missing the scale.

Everyone knew BG3 would "a success," but it hasn't just been a success, it's been a nuclear bomb of a success.

Optimistically, people were expecting to get around 1 million in sales. Total. THAT would have been a GREAT SUCCESS. Today I think it has around 10 million on Steam alone, 10x the "hope we get there" number.

Imagine taking a job and hoping for a $10,000 bonus for good performance, and then your boss drops $100,000 on your desk. It's that level of joyful shock.

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It's strange, people can't seem to help themselves.

Even the Star Citizen community was full of people talking about how Starfield was finally going to deliver as the superior sandbox space sim.

Space Game is not a genre, it's a setting. Bethesda RPGs are gonna Bethesda RPG, no matter how you flavor it.

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Flash drives are not a lasting medium. You'd need something like a quad-layer blu-ray, which is not cheap and has slow read speeds compared to solid state storage. Also nobody has blu-ray readers anymore. Also blu-ray publishers are tiny. Also the expense of distributing physical media.

So we've arrived back at the beginning - you can have this cake and eat it too, but you're going to have to eat the expense yourself. Imposing it upon the entire consumer market is selfish and wasteful.

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You post a lot. I see your name come up non-stop. That is great! It is really appreciated. I'm certainly not doing that work.

You also post quite a bit of inflammatory clickbait without having any personal knowledge to back it up. That's a bit confounding. At the bare minimum, you need to be prepared to accept criticism for that.

I can personally say this is the second time you've posted a FF16 ragebait article and gotten offended when prodded about the fact that you yourself haven't even played it. Why are you spreading information that you don't even have the ability to evaluate?

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I've already said that I appreciate your efforts. I'm not going to block you, your work is valuable. I'm just explaining that you ARE going to be criticized for what you choose to post, and you shouldn't act surprised. If you really don't care about whether or not the stories you are propagating have merit, then just ignore anyone who pushes you on it. Consider attacks on "OP" to be the original author of the article, not you.

Or, be more selective about what you post, if the approval matters to you. Consider it constructive feedback.

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AC6 is both more and less accessible along the same lines. It's a simpler game. The space given to customize your make is smaller, you can't go into debt by making stupid builds, and in exchange bosses will wombo-combo you from full AP to dead even with a heavy build if you get stunned at the wrong time. There's a person who experiences that wombo-combo, says, "this is bullshit" and puts the game down forever. But there is also a person who tries AC2, fails a mission with an expensive loadout, realizes they can't afford to make the build that failure inspired them to make, and say "no THIS is bullshit" and put the game down forever.

Likewise, Elden Ring is both easy and hard because it gives you a ton of freedom. There are more solutions than just "git gud" which is refreshing for someone who can't tolerate banging their head against Iudex Gundyr for a couple hours. But it's obnoxious to someone who sees Tree Sentinel and doesn't want to "have to explore" to find level appropriate content.

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As a fan of souls games and mech games, I wouldn't be TOO worried. OP is overstating the problem. I sympathize, because this is indeed a different Armored Core, but it's nothing at all like a souls game. It's still a mech game and a good one, but it's not as technically deep as previous AC games while also being dramatically more difficult.

I would say in older AC games having a terrible build vs a great build meant the mission was either literally impossible or braindead easy. In AC6 a terrible build means the mission will be much harder, but still perfectly doable, and having a great build means the mission will run smoother but may still be quite challenging since threats are generally a lot more deadly than they were in previous titles.

I can totally understand how that can kill the vibe for someone who wants to seek victory in the build screen and enjoy the rewarding power fantasy during the mission, but it's still a great mech game with a lot of meaningful variety.

Proof of this is that while, yes, AC purists are upset that this game is more action-y, there are just as many Souls fans who are mad that the mech building game they bought is - get this - actually a mech game and not just Robo Souls.

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This seems like a marketing move. When the Parental Advisory Label was created for the music industry, some bands and labels went out of their way to make sure they got it put on their albums, sometimes even altering their content just for that purpose, because it would actually drive sales. Of course every kid listening to rock and rap wanted "the real shit."

Here again we are being promised "the real shit" by a meaningless content warning.

It also helps Konami keep its distance from Kojima, which is probably what both of them want.

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It reeks of immaturity in general, or maybe more cynically, the perception of a bunch of nerds that have never had a sex life. There are so few games that handle sexual and romantic relationships realistically, and now that we have one nobody knows what to make of it.

Some characters take things slow. Opening up gradually, sharing some wine, holding hands and enjoying a single kiss on a night alone together. Eventually this ramps up naturally.

Some characters on the other hand are like, "you ready to fuck? I'm ready. Love? Never heard of it."

Both of these are normal and it's cool to see both represented in the same world.

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