hi, i'm Atom
• fox (furry)
• i like technology
• i have too many fedi accounts
• in the central european time zone
• ​:neofox_flag_gay:​ ​:neofox_flag_ambiamorous:​
(might be ​:neofox_flag_demiguy:​)
• part of the Flooflings

DM for contact outside of Fedi

sorry if i try to follow you after you deny my follow request or after you removed my follow
don't be lewd at me please

current accounts:

"atom ceo of homosexual"

  • @chfour
    "you post good and thats all that matters sometimes"
  • @ieatbeees
    "This user is extremely gay. Additionally, bee removal is the process of removing bees from a location. Professional services exist for this purpose."
  • @subG
    "It's crazy you started from being a [sic] amogus lover to gay furry men lover"
  • telegram user

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