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While Crystal Dynamics didn’t specify which content it’s referring to, it’s speculated that it could be the animalistic depiction of Pacific Island natives in Tomb Raider 3, who are implied to be cannibals.

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Well this whole thread restored my faith in humanity.

Also I snickered so it wasn't completely lost.

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Yeah, this article is fucking shit. The support page at Steam literally clears the air on this.

Yes. You will still have access to your 32-bit Mac games in your Steam Library. We are not removing these games from your library and they will continue to work on macOS 10.14 Mojave and earlier, Windows and in many cases Linux as well.

I fucking hate people who write articles to stoke fear for clicks.

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I think this might have more to do with the beating that Epic took from Apple in court. The 2021 decision in favor of Apple, of their lawsuit for anti-competitive behavior was upheld this year. That was not cheap to litigate that and was a major loss for Epic.

I think the Bandcamp sell off is a good indicator of all of this. Epic obtained Bandcamp in March 2022, to explicitly have their IAP system integrated into it. Google shut them down and told them they would start collecting the 30% usual due. Epic filed suit and Google gave them an exception for the time being with the agreement that 10% would be held in escrow until the conclusion of the trail. With many of the arguments in the Apple case similar to Google's case, I'm pretty sure Epic sees the loss coming from a mile away.

All in all, what I think can be drawn from this. Epic made a big bet on "their store" and that's fading away with mobile devices locking people into a marketplace that is "distinctly not Epic". While putting such a bet wouldn't normally kill a company, Epic sextupled down on it and I think how hard they went for "their marketplace" is what's done them in.

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Just remember, the current CEO was too greedy even for EA

John Riccitiello is his name. Dude has the anti-Midas touch. Everything he has ever touched turned to shit. How people keep hiring him is beyond me.

That said, the board of directors is also part to blame for this. One name stands out, Roelof Botha. Same guy from Sequoia Capital that backed the whole Elon Musk taking a loan out for Twitter and old buddy of Musk's from PayPal days. He's also been known for some "choice" selections on where to put VC money.

And of course you have Barry Schuler of "I made AOL popular" fame. So… Yeah, he's a choice selection for the board as well.

But on the other side of it, you've got David Helgason one of the co-founders of Unity who has been pretty vocal about "We fucked up!". But to me that is a tell-tell that Riccitiello et al. sold the rest of the board on the change.

Point being, the board is made up of hard going MFers who fuck up along the way and folks who are easily rolled over by promises of $$$. So while the CEO is indeed "a work of something", the board is a perfect storm of "egos and pushovers".

Either way, yeah, I think that since literally no leadership change is coming from this "you put the same chemicals in, you're absolutely going to get the same reaction out." The only thing they have likely taken from this whole thing is that they cannot be as obvious about changes as they were.

Unity cancels town hall over reported death threats (www.theverge.com)

The Unity pricing debacle has taken an unfortunate, dangerous turn. In a new report from Bloomberg, the company has reportedly canceled a town hall meeting due to what the publication called credible death threats. According to Bloomberg, Unity CEO John Riccitiello was set to address employees Thursday morning, but the...

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John Riccitiello

Dude is fucking cancer in the gaming industry. Completely unwanted and unhealthy for the gaming community but too insidious to fucking stomp out.

Everything this guy touches becomes shit nobody wanted.

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scope of modern AAA video games is unsustainable

Helpful hint, it's not just video game programming. Those hijacked gas pipelines in the US, unsecured SCADA systems weren't because every sysadmin was falling asleep, it's because nobody pulling the trigger wanted to listen to the sysadmins screaming that blindly deploying shit without audits, was a bad idea.

In pretty much every single technological failure, there's usually a common thread. Someone did (or forgot to do something) in the name of profit.

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Out of this whole thing, I just want to say something about this.

Some players' reactions to the paywall have been unfavorable; they think that charging for mods is unethical and goes against the spirit of community modification

Everyone needs to make bread. Someone asking for money from their mod or map or whatever isn’t against any spirit. It’s just a human being asking to make bread. Now some don’t agree with the price tag and that’s fine.

But we all need to recognize humans asking for some dough for their hard work is in the spirit of existing. Some folk do it for free just for the feelings and we love ‘em for it. But those asking for some cash are no different.

This world is already full of dog eat dog. Let’s not hate on someone just trying to get through it. You don’t have to pay the ask, but let’s not go making enemies just cause we don’t agree on that number on the price tag.

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Number of neurons that fired in Musk’s brain indicating to himself that he might be widely unliked: 0

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A class action lawsuit has been filed against Roblox Corporation, accusing the developer of facilitating "an illegal gambling ecosystem" and violating a federal law.

The complaint was signed by Chief Inspector Slowpoke

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Doesn’t matter the reviews or review bombing to Blizzard. The fact remains that no matter how actually shitty the game is Blizzard is making record profits off of the game.

That’s all Blizzard looks at these days. Is it making them money? And the answer is an abundant yes. So for whatever hate there is, the fact that players are still handing them fistfuls of cash indicates full success to them.

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