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DaGeek247 of https://dageek247.com/ moved to fedia.io. good luck ernest.

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Nope. Content creators, the ones doing all the talking on reddit, definitely left. Check out this graph of posts per day on r/askreddit

Does anyone know of any kid-friendly "horror" games out there for children ~7 years old?

My son loves the adrenaline rush of getting scared, particularly with jump scares, however, I have a lot of difficulty finding a game or show which is appropriate for him. He is prone to nightmares, and more adult-oriented “kid horror” is too much (Poppy’s Playtime, Cartoon Cat?) And others like Siren Head. His peers...

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tucker and dale is a horrible choice for a luigi's mansion kid

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I use a ip link checker - to verify the vpn is working like it should. They're a dime a dozen but this one is the one that showed up first on my search.

basically, you download a unique-to-you magnet torrent, and then the torrent / website will tell you what ip is being shown to the outside world. if you leave it in your client you can see at a glance what ip you are actually using in your client.

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if there was an extention that could skip the sponsor segments inside the videos themselves I’d use it in a heartbeat.

sponsorblock does that. it's crowd sourced, so it doesn't always work with the small channel newest videos, but it's very good at what it does considering.

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On top of the other comments, your private tracker will have a tutorial/rulebook on exactly how new content should be labelled. It's worth checking that out before you start experimenting with encoding quality options.

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