RTR#23 Wrapping comments, hiding threads/posts, marking new comments in threads/posts, aggregate view

Today, I managed to implement the points I described in RTR#19, and most of the changes are already visible. The remaining ones will be pushed on Monday. Before the release, I'll try to address three more things from the title, which I started working on earlier and are lingering on local branches. I don't want to make any promises because I didn't plan this before, but after the recent performance improvements, it should be possible in the next two or three weeks. I'll treat it as a break from more serious matters, as I continue preparations for refactoring and refining the moderation theme.

I'm still waiting for Piotr's availability to build the API documentation - it involves nodes, and I prefer not to tackle it myself to avoid accidentally turning off the lights for the weekend ;-). I don't want to rush him too much, as I've already taken advantage of his kindness lately. Besides, the guys from the @ftdl foundation are working on a project to generate subtitles for video materials based on their audio track in the Polish language. This will help address the lack of subtitles for the hearing-impaired or deaf people. Piotr has shared the first results of his work, and it looks promising - fingers crossed (https://zrzutka.pl/u8y7bx)! The foundation also maintains and provides many Fediverse services, including the Polish instance /kbin.

Thanks also for every feedback regarding the instance's operation - there are still a few things I need to fix, and I have them all on the board, but everything will be sorted out soon.



This disappears when I try to turn on its preview.

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The foundation also maintains and provides many Fediverse services, including the Polish instance /kbin.

Are https://karab.in and https://bin.pol.social maintained by the same FTdL foundation?

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karab.in is hosted on my private VPS.

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