Author got burned bad in the comments:

8 hours ago

“Instead of getting more accepting of microtransactions these days because they’ve become so normalized, I’m moving the opposite direction. I genuinely resent Diablo 4 for sinking so, so much work into its $15-30 armor sets in the store when they could have been farmable in the game, and in-game sets are already starting to fall behind in the seasonal model.”

You clearly don’t resent it that much, considering you gave Diablo 4 a 9/10.

Madison_rogue, avatar

It's not a burn; it's a poorly constructed comment made out of context. The author's criticism on Diablo 4 is based within the context of Baldur's Gate 3's release. The review for D4 was written before BG3 was released.

Eggyhead, avatar

I would be happy if MTX were just a default penalty rule on all game review scores. MTX: Yes. Score -2.

Syo, avatar

The lesson to take away is that AAA != Good game. Never pre order. Play demo, beta. Only play if you're time is respected.

Artificially designed grinds, limitations, time gates should be auto no buy.


If the success of Baldur's Gate 3 shows that gamers don't like micro-transactions, does that mean games that sell well with micro-transactions is prove that gamers actually like them?

Just want to be clear on what the rules are for the logic here.


Well there’s selling well, and being the best rated game of all time and universally acclaimed


It's not the best rated game of all time...


Best rated PC game of all time by user score


We also like games that ask players for feedback, then take it and test it in the game and improve the game with it if it works. As opposed to recycling the same ubisoft tower climbing + shallow collectible fetch quest-a-thon for the 100th time while wondering why people are getting bored and not buying the sequels.

style99, avatar

Too bad game devs don't care. They make more farming rich morons using micros and FOMO than they could dream of making, otherwise.


Hey, don’t blame us poor devs for the decisions that get forced upon us


Hot take: mtx are a good thing as long as they don’t cause a significant imbalance in gameplay. There’s a reason the price of a AAA game has remained roughly $60 for nearly two decades in spite of increasing development costs and inflation.

People who purchase in game add-ons subsidize those who don’t.

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