RTR#51 End of a short break

Last week, I dealt with formalities related to the project and a few personal matters associated with the new year. Unfortunately, there was quite a lot to handle. Today is the last day I'm dealing with this, and I'm returning to the code for the regular devlogs. I'll also take care of current matters on the instance. On Tuesday and Wednesday, there may be short interruptions in the website's operation due to an update.

@sab@kbin.social avatar

Welcome back! I hope you had a nice holiday between the formalities and the personal matters.

Besides the federation issues a couple of weeks ago, I think the user experience here has been great lately. Looking forward to see what the new year has in store!

@8BitFriendly@kbin.social avatar

Welcome back!

I'd like to know what is needed for the Interstellar app to support the kbin.social instance.
Could you get in touch with the developer and/or enlighten us on that matter? I think app support would be a HUGE benefit to kbin.social.
Thanks in advance!

@olorin99@kbin.social avatar

The only thing that needs to happen is for the api to be enabled on kbin.social. Interstellar should work with any kbin/mbin instance that has the api enabled.

@HubertManne@kbin.social avatar

I get dealing with personal matters. Gotta take care of yourself and your loved ones.

@genesis@kbin.social avatar

Viva /kbin!

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