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Modern day life sure is a minefield of scams. :blobfoxgoogly:

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#cycling #motorcycle #linux #pchardware

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🚴‍♀️ #LifeBehindBars - #Gravel #RoadBike
👦🏻👦🏻👧🏻 #FatherOfThree - #FatherOfTheYear
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(ey/em) Xennial Chaotic Neutral INFP

Oregon <- California <- Arkansas

Web Developer HTML JavaScript CSS Web Components Custom Elements Progressive Web Apps PWAs Service Workers ShadowDOM ReactJS Lit GraphQL Cypress Playwright

Classic Cars Air-Cooled Volkswagens EVs Bicycles eBikes

Video Games Retro Gaming Emulation Anbernic Handhelds VR Unreal Sega

Serverless AWS ActivityPub FOSS Open Source Linux

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Birdland refugee.

Primary interests: cycling, engineering, electronics, art, aviation, the outdoors, and the magnificent PNW.

Living under the radar because, well, this is the Redoubt and shit is just crazy here. avatar


Retired/recovering #petroleum #geologist, fascinated by #bicycles, bike fettling, #cycling, #geography, #sedimentology and #GIS. Hates #Brexit. Open to an independent Scotland in the EU.

"I’m truly sorry Man’s dominion
Has broken Nature’s social union"

I now live on top of a #drumlin in #Glasgow #Scotland but I keep a soft spot in my heart for #Aberdeen & #Aberdeenshire where I spent my formative years. #Newburgh #Tarves #Ferryhill avatar


Not always but often grumpy cyclist, seasonal sideways slider. Dog lover / cat tolerator. Dad and Hubby…occasionally grumbles about FS technology architecture. avatar


Disabled Masters student @ UC Davis. Speaker on Accessibility in Higher Ed/Cycling/Plant Science. Speaker on carob.

#Accessibility #Botany #Cycling #SciComm #NoBot #NoBridge

Most of my posts are not asking for advice so please don't offer it unsolicited. When I'm asking for advice, I usually ask quite explicitly.

Banner = 2 UC Access Now buttons, with a seal that's a parody of the University of California's. It says "Let There Be Access > ADA" Profile = HG Peters drawing of Wonder Woman avatar


🇵🇱 Lewak, cyklista i wegetarianin. On/jego.

🇬🇧 Polish leftist, cyclists and vegetarian. He/him.

[ 🚩 ⸱ ↙↙↙ ⸱ 🚴🏻‍♂️ ⸱ 🐧 ⸱ 💚 ⸱ 4💉 ]

#fedi22 #rower #Linux #GNOME #FediGotuje avatar


Bicycle adventures, silliness, coffee & occasionally even wisdom
Awesome #cycling related T-shirts & blog posts on the link below
Go on! Treat yourself to one!
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Not a physician, utility-bikes a lot (~5000km/year), DFH, works on Go compiler. (I do not speak for my employer.) Sometimes know things about programming languages, (cargo) bicycles, lilies, Florida.

He/him. Ex(?) Florida Man.
Married to a sociologist.
Tootfinder searchable.

Biased towards following people unlike me but with overlapping interests.

I'm aware that not everyone can ride a bike, it's been mentioned once or twice in the past. avatar


#Animator, editor, and script developer, working in the #GLAM sector.
King of the #whippet army. I like #baking and dismantling capitalism. #Linux bore.
The world's averagest #climber. Part human, part #bicycle.

My profile pic is a Hydrothermal Vent Polychaete Worm by Nicolas Gayet from Paulo Bonifacio lab, that I animated to look like a Muppet style monster popping up from a hole and smiling. Banner pic is a Blender screen shot showing me working on a triceratops animation. avatar


Pumpkin Spiced Latte is just Chai w/Coffee. Rails+Trails! Sometimes I sew.

Bothsidesism will be blocked. avatar


Recovering traffic engineer, LCI, former bike coop board member, and pied biker of SE WA. Drag stan. #StopDeKindermoord #VikingBiking #CarryShitOlympics #BikeTooter avatar


I am the owner of this Fediverse instance.

By day: Teaching people to create objects and systems. By night: Introducing people to the outdoors.

Catholic. Husband. Father of 4 | Backpack, Cycle, Localism | Prof @ Washington & Lee, Subcom Chair @ Sierra Club. avatar


Irish bloke living in Graz. An obsessive interest in bicycles and cycling will be apparent. Early Gen X. Sitzschaden. Begeisterter Pilates- und Physiopatient. Naturwissenschafter. Übersetzer. Radfahrlehrer. Integrationsüberschuss. So long in Graz that all the pubs I knew at first have closed. Toots in English or German. avatar


Queer woman in Birmingham, UK.
Mostly posting about cycling, human-powered vehicles, camping and tech.
Formerly @kim avatar


Bike geek and computer toucher living in Oxford, UK. Will boost puns.


Please have a profile pic and a bio if you want to follow. I won't always follow back. avatar


admin & creator of #TriangleTootParty. :camp_caravan:

#dogs #pizza #crochet #cycling #RVing #camping #vegetarian #witch #SASSWitch #druid #bikeCamping

she / her / they / them // :bisexual_flag: :pansexual_flag:

poll worker. longtime online community manager of a silly wolf game for over a decade. also founded an in-person bike camping meetup (triangle bike camping). ich lerne deutsch! 🇩🇪

“bicycle and woman enthusiast” – lily vers

posts auto-delete after two years. #noBot avatar


Nanoinfluencer & flâneur.

"These days, though, you have to be pretty technical before you can even aspire to crudeness." -- William Gibson, /Johnny Mnemonic/

So much for the Fermi Paradox. avatar


Plant eater, animal lover, reader, socially disassociated currently, photographer, e-bike (now) rider.
I've stopped boosting images that lack alt text. Even ones that I love!
I live in Nova Scotia, with my husband, border collie and three Cornish Rex cats. I seem to spend 90% of my waking time in the kitchen, cooking and the rest out walking my dog.
I do not post or comment on anything political.
I write stories and take pictures. They are on my blog mostly. avatar


Feministin, Philantropin, Europäerin, Antifaschistin, Fahrradfahrerin #mdRzA, #nazisraus, #noafd, #carisover
Geboren mit 326,32 ppm CO2.
Mache mir große Sorgen um die Zukunft meiner beiden Kinder.
Kann mich im Fediverse nicht entscheiden bin mal hier, mal dort:
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➡️ #teamPixel
➡️ #cyclist
➡️ #webdev
➡️ #blogger
➡️ #teamAndroid
➡️ #mobile avatar


Hi / hoi / hej, Member of a one-forest household. 🇳🇱 living in 🇩🇰 (Billund) with 🇫🇷 kærste and 🇪🇺 baby.

Here to talk with other humans. Please feel free to follow or dm me. See my pinned post for an introduction.

#ecology #nature #plants #forests #trees #geology #humanism #liberties #history #climate #technology #utopia #maps #space #trains #lego #modelbuilding #books #dogs #cats #cycling #industrialsafety avatar


Redecentralizing the Web w/ and Evading winters w/ Traveling full-time since 2010. INTP. avatar


Bicycling programmer in mostly #embedded #c & #cpp & #python in off-grid #solar (and some #solarpunk). Into road, tour, gravel #bike and #cycling fun with friends; #hiking, #books, #machining, #community building, #ham radio, you name it. Living in the mountains of southwestern Virginia, USA. #fedi22 #nobot avatar


LitWit • Baroque music & early keyboards • Hockey • Books • Enterprise tech marketing "Write what you know. That should leave you with a lot of free time." ~Howard Nemerov #AmReading #AmEditing #ClassicalMusic avatar


Bicyle rider (fietser & wielrenner) | Safe Streets advocate | Urbanist | Database engineer | he/him

All opinions are my own.

Keywords: #VisionZero #ClimateCrisis #SafeStreets #Transit #FOSS #Linux #KDE #Android avatar


Hi, this is Andre. I'll be writing about software architecture and development, cyber security, UX/UI topics, politics, and queer experiences. I'm a classically trained musician and music composer, band director, and music instructor. I'm handfasted, have kids, and play and create (video) games. Sometimes I don't recognize social cues. avatar


KN6HRB (technical)
Pue'rh drinker, vegan
Play music on various instruments. I write songs that no one ever hears. No one dares.
Pronouns? Actually, I'm antinouns.
No longer active on the foul site

Olympia WA
ex San Jose CA, London UK, and Zimbabwe

Banner photo is an April dawn on the Carizzo Plain

N.B. irrational, vitriolic, or insulting responses trigger blocks avatar


English teacher to adults adjusting to a slower pace in #YEG after life in HCMC, Việt Nam. Lots of interests & connections.
Sorry, I don't follow empty accounts or boosters. I hide most boosts.
#Hiking avatar


Eating, breathing and thinking bicycles - and yes, riding them and writing about it. Frequent visitor and lover of Taiwan, based in Switzerland.
Neither paid by CIA nor Falun Gong.
ENG/GER/NED avatar


Mechanical Engineer, Cyclist, 3D modeling of all kinds, 3D printing, Linux, programmer. Believer in making things better for everyone avatar


'Britain's most innovative bassist, no contest': Bass Player Mag. So that's nice.
Basses, bikes and (b)academia. Finishing Up A PhD (when not on a cancer-induced hiatus) so if I'm not here I'm either writing that or out on my bike... :)

See for more...

#bass #music #cycling #improvisation #bandcamp #looping #phd #blm #transrights #xr #activetravel

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