Erdogan working to declare Israel a war criminal


"We will declare Israel a war criminal, we are already working on it," Erdogan at pro-Palestinian rally

• Israel, how did you end up here? How did you get here? You are an occupier. You are a faction, not a state. The West owes you, but Turkey does not owe you.

• When I said Hamas is not a terrorist organization, Israel really didn't like it. That's what I said it for. What did you expect?

• Those who mourned the civilians killed yesterday in the Ukrainian-Russian war are now silently watching the deaths of thousands of innocent children in the Gaza Strip.

• Hey West, I appeal to you! Do you want a war between the cross and the crescent moon? Then know this nation is alive, this nation is standing strong. What we were in Libya, what we were in Karabakh, we will be the same in the Middle East.

Erdogan at a pro-Palestinian rally

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